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Application Cycle 2014-2015

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     I got placed on the waiting list. does anyone know if they accept just 74 students and place the rest on waiting list or they accept 100 and then a waiting list. so anxious on not knowing and not knowing the rank of waitlist. thanks a bunch and congratsbon those who got accepted!


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I interviewed on the 9th and haven't gotten called, emailed, or mailed anything. After hearing about amruthax3 getting waitlisted, I got nervous and called and am pending a call back from the director. It doesn't sound good but I'll stay optimistic until I hear bad news. I mean, stay hopeful because there is only 14 people joined the Facebook page created by one of the accepted students for the class of 2017. Also, this forum only shows that a handful of people got an acceptance call so WHO KNOWS!!! I'm stressing too. Just wanted to finally join this forum after watching it for like 2 weeks. Best of luck to everyone and congratulations to all of you who've been accepted!!!

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Does anyone know if they are interviewing more candidates?


And has anyone else heard they were wait listed? If so, was it via email or phone call?


I think they only interview 3 days from Jan 8-10. I was interviewed on 8th and got a snail mail today saying I am on the wait list. I am kind of under the impression that they called the accepted candidates and sent snail mails to those who are wait listed. Correct me if I am wrong. 

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