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  1. The only thing I've received was an invitation for an open house for their psychology MS program.
  2. LOL I remember that hill! I drove down that hill on the 7th when it was snowing like crazy. I was praying for my life as I was driving down.
  3. I believe they'll send you a larger welcome packet after receiving the deposit. I'm like 99% sure that they'll explain the dress code, but I did ask some of the current students there and it seems that you dress business casual. On the days of lab though, we may wear scrubs. But I'd wait until the packet comes before jumping the gun.
  4. I'm not sure about the phone calls and I can't speak for anyone else -- but for me, I worked for 2.5 years after undergrad while taking and retaking some prereqs.
  5. Sorry guys, the link from the other post didn't work. Here is the updated one: https://www.facebook.com/groups/861442703912661/ You could also search for Le Moyne PA Class of 2017 to join!
  6. Hey sorry peterpan, I couldn't join your group because I think it's just a page. I made a new one if anyone wants to join, it's an open group. Here's the link: https://m.facebook.com/groups/861442703912661?ref=bookmark
  7. Are you hands shaking? My knees were knocking and my heart was beating like crazy when I picked up!
  8. I applied in late July. My friend also did too and she didn't get a response either so I'm not too worried. They're probably short staffed.
  9. Yup, and there's also some great simplified information regarding the scope of practice for PAs here for each state too: http://www.bartonassociates.com/nurse-practitioners/physician-assistant-scope-of-practice-laws/?am_force_theme_layout=desktop I got this from the forum and it was really interesting. But I did see some people post that there are some errors with this. They have one for NPs too if you guys wanna compare!
  10. Hey guys, I'm driving up to the school and staying at the comfort inn. If anyone needs a ride to the school on the morning of the 8th instead of paying $5 for the shuttle, PM me! I have three seats.
  11. I'm staying at the comfort inn to save some $$! I'll also be at the same interview as you but I won't be able to meet up the day before... I won't get there until late. But I look forward to meeting you the day of though!
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