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  1. I received an acceptance call yesterday as well. I can't even believe it! I am so excited. When did he say we would be receiving an email with all the information? I was so excited I totally forgot what he told me!
  2. I havent heard anything since interviewing 1/17. :(
  3. I havent heard anything since interviewing 1/17. :(
  4. I was wait listed as well. Not surprised. But Good luck to everyone!
  5. Does anyone know if they are doing anymore interviews? I haven't heard anything from them since October. =(
  6. Hey everyone! I am planning on arriving in syracuse on the 7th and am also staying at the comfort inn. Is anyone interested in grabbing dinner the night of the 7th? It would be nice to meet everyone! I also will have room in my car if anyone would like a ride to campus for the interview. Please let me know! =)
  7. hey everyone! I have an interview on january 12 and am so nervous! Any advice? Can you tell me what the interview was like? Thanks and congratuations to all of you!
  8. For those of you who interviewed, how did it go? What was it like? Group interview or individual? Any information would be greatly appreciated! And good luck to everyone!
  9. Hey everyone! I just got invited to interview on January 8th!!!
  10. Sorry to those who were rejected, but don't give up! This has been my dream school for so long and after applying 3 times I finally got an interview. Ill be there 1/12 and am so excited and scared out of my mind!
  11. Good Luck everyone! I interviewed last weekend and really enjoyed it. It was very relaxed and the faculty were great!
  12. Hey everyone! Im interviewing in the afternoon on the 1st! Is anyone else interviewing then?
  13. I just got my acceptance to Barry Miami Shores! I am so excited! Cant wait to meet everyone!
  14. I just got accepted to Miami Shores after I intervied November 1st! Dont give up you guys! Getting pulled from the waitlist really does happen! I am still in shock!
  15. Congratulations Shannon! I got wait listed again. :(
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