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Questions to ask at information session

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1. Do they find clinical sites for you? Over what area of the country may you do clinicals?


2. If a student is having problems, how is that addressed? (remediation, pass or die, etc)


3. How big are the classes?


4. Who are the lecturers? All in house or do they use outside assistance?


Find some students who go there now and ask two questions:


a. What do you like the best about this program?


b. What do you like the least about this program?

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Is the school attached to a hospital? ( at Drexel we are allowed to go to HUH on certain floors to pick pts to do Histories and Physicals that we start during week 1)

When do students begin doing Histories and Physicals?

Are their small groups for labs?

Can you set up rotations?

Does the PA program interact with the other programs at the school like pt, med? i.e.- ground rounds (Drexel we did a ground round cases with the PT students in fall)




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I'll bet every question you can ask is on their website. Do t look like you haven't done your research. Do it. Go to the session to get a better sense (gut feeling) on the program and ask questions sparked by the presentation of none at all. Oh, be sure to say, "hi" and shake their hands. Smile!



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