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  1. Is this still available?
  2. It can be done. I lived 4 hours away from my wife during school. She had a very flexible work schedule. We saw each other most weekends. She would come to where I was on Thursday evenings and would leave to go home on Sunday mornings. She was totally understanding about study time and rotation hours. We were married for 28 years when I started PA school. I was in the military for 21 years so we knew how to do long distance. The program I went to allowed us to arrange our own rotations any where we wanted. So consider this when picking a program. Do it now when you are yo
  3. I worked at the Navy Boot Camp in Great Lakes years ago. I had a recruit tell me he was positive for cocaine because his girlfriend put it on his penis before performing oral sex so he would last longer......Cannot make this stuff up......
  4. Anybody using an amplified stethoscope? Anybody used the Eko Core digital stethoscope? Thoughts? Reviews? Thanks
  5. Is anybody using a stand up desk? If so what kind? What do you like/dislike about it?
  6. I am a new PA in my first job. I work outpatient internal medicine (Primary Care really.) There are 3 providers in the office, including myself. One physician and one other PA. Of course we are all proxies for each other to cover during absences. So the clinical staff will get requests for medication refills from patients and if the patient requesting a refills PCP is out the staff will propose the order to a different provider to sign. My question is, how deep do you dig before signing these orders? If it is for omeprazole, is it just "OK and next?" Certainly for controlled meds I wo
  7. I am a new grad and will be starting IM/PC job in about a month. What should I be reading before I start?
  8. Kaplan Qbank is sold. The rest of the materials are still available. Willing to let it all go for 100.00
  9. I will be starting my first job out of PA school in Internal Medicine. I have about 2 months before I start and I want to do some reading during that time period. Any recommnedations on what topics to really brush up on and any specific resources to use? Thank you.
  10. I also have a bunch of Packrats I will include
  11. I have the ultimate test prep package for sale. The following items are for sale. It is my preference to sell them as a package but I am willing to break them up if I have to. Kaplan Online Question Bank Expires 2/28/18 Hippo ED Expires 10/03/17 CME Resources 5 day course PDF on flash drive CME4Life 16 DVD set CME4Life Audio files (These are on an older but still functioning IPOD) PM me with an offer.
  12. I took one of them. IMO it was not worth the cost. It did not find the scoring report detailed enough to be helpful. I found the questions similar to the Packrat. Just my opinion.
  13. I have packrats 12 -15. I am looking to trade for other packrats. I created two documents for each packrat. One with only the questions and one with questions and explanation. PM me if interested.
  14. I have packrats 12, 13, 14, 15 available for trade. I went through all 4 of them and made two documents for each one that has just the questions and one that has the questions and explanations. You can really use them to test yourself better in this format.
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