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  1. I'm in the process of getting an LLC off the ground for a unique aspect of medical curriculum - basically, I'm looking to eventually have an online platform and/or lecture independently at a variety of places using the curriculum I've developed. I'm curious to see if there are others out there doing things like online lectures, independent PA or medical based businesses (not practice owning, necessarily, but some of the other stuff)...I would like to connect with you. I'm happy to share more about what I'm doing if people are interested, just didn't want this post to read as an advertisement...rather than a genuine interest to connect with other like-minded PAs who might be able to share resources, ideas, tips/tricks, or just support. Thanks in advance, and I'm so happy this forum continues to flourish...I've been using it ever since I refresh-clicked myself into tendinitis while I was waiting to get into PA school! Haha!
  2. One person from my class waited TWO WEEKS. He assumed that he was toast, and then the magical call came. I really, really isn't over until you get that letter. Build some furniture...that's what I did. Remarkably absorbing to puzzle through some complicated IKEA patterns and helps keep you from your phone 24/7. ;)
  3. @Britt9583: It ain't over 'til its over. As far as I know, there's not a particular order for review. They do review them as they come in, but from that point, you might get an interview right away or at a later date and it doesn't mean anything. I know people who interviewed in September and who interviewed in December in my class. I know people who received an acceptance call exactly 7 days later and those from the same interview group who waited an agonizing two weeks or even several months. Don't count yourself out.
  4. Taking the PANCE tomorrow. Spending today doing some deep breathing and very minimal review. I'm hoping for a merciful turn-around time on the results, since two weeks seems cruel and unusual (the nursing board gets theirs out in 48 hours and the therapist boards tell you RIGHT THERE). It still feels pretty surreal that I'm at this point...seems like just yesterday I was getting into PA school, even though I know an ocean of hard work, trials of spirit, and knowledge lies between that moment and this one.
  5. And PS: I graduate in two days. It is doable. You can do it. And although you probably feel a trillion miles away from graduation right now, you will be there before you know it. And you will (likely) never miss those days of prerequisites / interviews / didactic year / clinical year, but one day you will sit back and look back on those tiny victories with amazement. Plod on, friends.
  6. Agreed. If you are mobile and don't have a preference, they will likely place you with the class whose personality you "gel" with the most. They work hard to craft a group of people who can work as a team for two years and will likely work well together. This is not an argument for NOT expressing a preference on the chance that it will increase your odds of getting accepted, but rather meant to soothe worried minds about selecting yourself out of admission.
  7. I agree with EMSGuy in the supplemental. There are some differences between the campuses, and I think "mission fit" is definitely one of them. I applied to Seattle first choice because I knew I wanted to work in urban environments when I graduated (next week!!!). And I mentioned that in my supplemental.
  8. @titanicjo and anybody else wondering about the PNW-specificity of the program...I am a soon to graduate second year at MEDEX. I come from Southern California and that is where I will be returning to after school (due to husband's work situation). I was asked questions about my desire to relocate during interviews, but I can promise you its worth applying. A good portion of my class came from other areas besides the PNW / WWAMI region, and they do understand that not everyone will stay there after graduation. Good luck to everyone applying. I'm always available if people have questions about the program, but keep in mind that I don't have a direct line to the admissions department, so I'm relatively useful for questions like "what's the class load like?" and relatively useless for questions like "what GPA is considered acceptable". :)
  9. I'm a current student just finishing up my clinical year (50 days to go!). Anybody have any questions about the program? I'm happy to answer.
  10. I had a similar experience. Contacted a bunch of people and they kept turfing me to other people, and finally made it up the food chain to the trauma director, who never answered my emails. :) I'm guessing it never got airborne, which is tragic.
  11. I still haven't heard a peep about this program. Any news from anyone else?
  12. I have several "site visits" coming up for ER positions. I will meet the medical director, have a tour, and meet some of the PAs. I have basically no experience choosing this kind of job, my school hasn't been exceptionally helpful, and I want to evaluate the opportunities wisely. What are some questions you would ask, things you would look for, etc.? Thank you for your wisdom. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. electric130, thank you so much for your awesome and informative response! I really appreciate it!!
  14. On the subject of interview invites / rejection letters / etc., keep in mind that MEDEX historically has a tendency to "bank" people until they completely finish their application cycle and then let them know their final status. They usually want to have plenty of time to review applications and discuss them thoroughly. Hope this helps a smidge! I'm in the middle of my clinical year and I am having the TIME of my LIFE. Trust me, it's worth it. It's worth all of the prerequisites, the anxiety, the interviews, the didactic year butt in chair syndrome...hang in there, guys.
  15. I will be graduating in August, and I've started just perusing some job listings. I know its probably considered a little too early to apply as of yet, but I wanted to get a feel for what's out there and what different jobs look like on paper. My deepest desire is to work in emergency medicine and/or trauma and critical care, so that's where I've been concentrating my search. I have realized that I have no experience on these subjects, since I was in EMS before coming to PA school and that "job negotiation" experience was more like "you'll take this $8/hour, work crippling hours and LIKE IT", and it seems like things might be a bit different in this neck of the woods, so if you wouldn't mind applying your infinite wisdom to a few questions, I would be really grateful. 1. Can someone give me a "for dummies" guide to productivity based compensation models? I've done a lot of online research, and it seems that most of them are based around a salary or hourly wage that is supplemented on either RVUs, patients per hour, or some form of billing. Can anybody elaborate on this a little? What does this look like when you're new and still ramping up? Is it a terrible idea to take a job with productivity based compensation when you're new? 2. What questions would you ask future employers, especially if you are interviewing with the Head PA at a place before meeting the medical director or any HR people? And/or, if you could go back and think to ask one or more questions in an interview, what would you ask? 3. Experiences with hiring firms / medical staffing agencies? I keep reading that they are bad, bad, bad and usually used when a position is difficult to fill (but I'm interested in the chew you up and spit you out inner-city emergency room experience, which is probably what they would consider a "difficult" position). 4. Any words of wisdom, advice, pitfalls, etc., for contract negotiation, salary and benefits packages, etc., for a new grad in particular. Is it better to ask for more than you think you'll get as far as salary? What about relocation bonuses? Thank you all. I know many of these questions have been asked, and I have been poring over the forum for many hours, reading your patient and wise responses, so I thank you for responding to this suddenly rather long post. Maybe I'm just impatient, but we haven't covered this in school yet. :)
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