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  1. As a new graduate I would list as much as possible!!! It will help you stand out.
  2. Tested on 12/15 and got the results this morning 12/21. Passed with flying colors! Feels great!!!!!
  3. Took the exam this AM. I fell really really good about the exam overall!!!! Now we wait.......
  4. This threat also brings up a question I have recently thought about. What do most people think is better for a new graduate?....Private practice medicine w/ a couple physicians an a few PAs, or a large hospital owned organization. Any tricks on how to tease out how the SP is going to treat his PA when interviewing with private practice places???
  5. Thinking about doing the HelpZebra just because it has videos to watch......sometimes I think you retain a lot more from just listening than what most give credit for.....
  6. In addition to ApolloMD, has anybody worked with US Acute Care Solutions and care to share their experience?
  7. Also interested in this....
  8. actually had a patient ask me about this today in clinic....I was clueless, but my preceptor knew all about it and here is what I was told..... Apparently it is a company that is doing 3 step knee injections (under ultrasound) with hyaluronic gels but somewhere in the process they draw blood, spin it down, and inject the PRP into the joint. Dont know much about the company other than the fact that they are making a killing.
  9. What happened with novant? I am starting to realize that I may have to drive pretty far out of the city for my first job. I recently attended the CHS Advanced Practitioners residency open house at which point I was told "CHS has 160 jobs for PAs, none of which are accepting new graduates". I am surprised with you and your wifes experience you were still denied......
  10. Good rule of thumb...You work the hours of your preceptor. Some months that means 36-40 hours a week (FM, psych) others it may mean 80-110 (surgery, ED, call positions).
  11. Those that applied, why did you decide to go with the fellowship at CHS rather than take a job?
  12. X3 on Reality Check 2 comment! You get something out of lecture regardless of what you think. Go to class & pay attention. You may not absorb all of it, but you will hear certain things from those lectures play out in your head when your on rotations and practicing in clinic. Attendance should be 100% mandatory.
  13. Cool. Best of luck with everything. I am still undecided on what I want to work in. I am up in the air between many things.....FM, Urgent, ER, Ortho, or general surgery. I still have all of those rotations in the next few months but really do not want to jump into a specialty as a new grad. I have chosen my location, so I only get to choose one more thing between salary and specialty. Best of luck to you guys and the move. Would love to hear what you end up finding/accepting. I am gonna hold off another 2 months before I start applying as I will not be in the area until Jan.
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