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  • 3 months later...

Hi! Has anyone else gotten their letters and secured their seats yet?


My application is in for class of 2017.


Mind if I ask what your stats are like?


I have a 3.1 science, 3.3 in english/computer requirements, and have over 16,000 hours of direct HCE as a paramedic. I also have a BS in Natural Sciences from a top 50 school. 

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    • By tincan
      Felt it would be prudent to make a separate thread for those wanting to meet up before the interview, share anxious thoughts, offer help to those coming from out-of-town on place to stay (if you haven't found one already), transport, etc.
      @fluidworks I'd definitely like to meet up before the big day. For pubs, the College Inn, in the U-District, has big tables and is in walking distance of the hotels suggested in the mailing info. There are also many fairly cheap restaurants around the area.
      One week!
    • By fizzydoc
      Hi PA friends,
      I just graduated with my BS in Biology with a minor in Spanish in May, 2016. I am currently applying to medical school for the second year. However, I am now leaning towards PA school, pending I fit the requirements. I've read that research is valued but I am not sure how valued. Here is me:
      -22, has BS in Biology
      -worked 2.5 years in biophysics research, with two publications, one 4th place award at poster competition, two more publications still being written
      -volunteering hours in a clinical setting: 134.5hrs (I worry this is too low?), and an additional 283hrs in non-clinical
      -leadership roles from undergrad
      -3.33 gpa
      -501 MCAT (haven't taken the GRE)
      Should I apply? or do I need to wait ANOTHER year and apply after working as a PCA?
    • By LSUgrad1234
      Starting a thread for those of us applying! Wondering when interview invitations will go out! =D
      Good luck to everyone!
    • By MEMT12
      Hello everyone! 
      Thought I would start a thread for applications this cycle. Has anyone heard back from Chatham that their applications have been received yet?
    • By pabach
      Just submitted my CASPA application! Now to work on the supplemental. Best of luck to everyone, can't wait to hear your updates.
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