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  1. Got an email inviting me to an interview yesterday!
  2. I got that email as well. Probably not a big deal.
  3. I was CASPA verified in the middle of June. But I didn't submit the application to this school until 8/14. Hope that helps!
  4. By Ontrack do you mean instead of the "under review" message it changed to something else? or it was an email?
  5. I'm pretty sure there are two sessions again, I interviewed in October and my interview started at 7am. But its a great city, if you have the time to spend the night i recommend exploring!
  6. I received my acceptance call this morning! Bright and early. I'm so excited to be going here. I can't wait to meet you all!
  7. To those of you that got interviews, did they let you pick your interview date?
  8. No the PA program is located on their Eastside campus
  9. i was verified back in June. If anyone wants to get together before the interview on Friday let me know!
  10. They say we should hear something in October so hopefully soon!
  11. Received an interview invite on 9/6 for October 1st. So excited to meet everyone!
  12. I submitted my application yesterday! Now we wait. Hopefully not too long!
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