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Continue as MA or move to PCT?

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I just got hired at a Nephrology office about a month 1/2 ago as an uncertified MA. My prior job was working as an ER scribe. So far the job is okay, but I was under the impression that I would get more PCE than what I am getting now. The only real PCE is taking vitals, rooming patients, and performing injections. We do not draw blood, perform specimen collection, or any other type of things considered PCE. The other 75% of the job is taking calls, covering the front desk, faxing paperwork, doing prior authorizations, and other administrative duties. Sitting at a desk all day is definitely not for me and the sheer amount of office work is making me want to leave.

I am about a year 1/2 away from completing the prereqs required for PA school and have 500 hours of PCE from scribing at the moment. Should I quit and get my CNA license to become a patient care tech? I really liked working in the hospital but I thought this job would be more enjoyable than being a glorified receptionist. My friend works as a PCT and loves it as he also takes vitals but draws blood and does almost no office work. Is it also okay to put these hours on my CASPA once I apply?

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