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  1. 1. I’m 33 and have seen my share of the critical stuff in the ED. It’s no longer exciting. I’d rather manage the more “bread and butter”. 2. I really respect being part of the team but don’t want to be in total charge of said team. 3. Medical school is 4 + 3 at least. That makes me 40-41. That’s not old but that’s a lot of time hold up in a room studying. That being said, I’m still in talks with wife to take MCAT if (IF!) I don’t get into EVMS but not sure I want to. It’s just an idea not a plan.
  2. Anecdotal but the PAs in my shop work more than the docs and there are overall less of them. It’s prob a 3 or 4:1 for docs to PAs.
  3. Let’s keep this thread rolling with some fun stuff. Question we may on interviews; why not MD/DO?
  4. Medic in early-ish thirties. Not a fan of formal education settings such as teaching courses. Prefer clinical precepting. So for me, the pay isn’t there and my declining sense of professional satisfaction means I need to change direction. PA is a great move for more money and better lifestyle.
  5. Potential applicant question for my friends here; does the program only use the last 60 credit hours and prerequisite GPA for admission consideration? I’ve read a few conflicting reports.
  6. I think you’re getting to an unpopular opinion but one I hold. PA was never designed for five year HS-to-PA programs or students with minimal HCE. But today it is GPA > HCE for many places and they miss out on truly qualified professionals. I’ve actually worked with PA students in my ED and worked with them on IVs, urinary catheter and NG/OG placement, and 12 lead interpretation. They’ve all been whip smart but didn’t have that particular background. So it was a steeper learning curve for them. Still, despite my personal opinions on the current admission process for most schools, I think if you get into a PA program, you’ll succeed because you are intelligent and hardworking, even if you lack significant HCE. EVMS really recognizes the balance between academics and HCE. It’s why I’m applying here.
  7. Yup I got that squared away. It was best of cumulative undergrad, graduate gpa, or last 40. My highest was last 40 (43 in my case) for a 3.51
  8. Second FuturePA2022. Mine was a pretty quick turn around. Turned mine in on a Friday or so, heard by early next week.
  9. @FuturePA2022 I agree about beating myself up but to answer the question about prerequisite > qualifying GPA, I do recall reading it but can’t source it. However, when EVMS sends the application file requirements after app submission, notice prereqs, CASPER, and other things are mentioned but not qualifying GPA. It’s not listed for part of the file review. That strikes me as odd. Perhaps it does carry less weight?
  10. I’m not at that point. I work 50+ hours a week as a medic so that keeps me occupied. Plus I’m starting to GRE prep to add some schools for next year just in case lol.
  11. I think I recall reading they weigh your prereqs higher than replacement or whatever it may be. I don’t want quoted on that but if someone else wants to weigh in on this being true or not?
  12. Good deal. I have one B and an A- in my prereqs and unfortunately due to my stupid self one F in my last 43 credits but it’s from more than three years ago. Hopefully it won’t drag me down. But seriously great job on your hard work!
  13. @patobe82 we are in similar position with academics. 3.51 and 3.83 for my qualifying and prerequisite. Only major difference is 25k of direct HCE as a medic for me. I also have some leadership, research, and volunteer work. Best of luck to you. I can’t see why you wouldn’t get an interview. Did they tell you last cycle what you needed to improve?
  14. Any background like stats from last year compared to this year? Always good for future applicants to have a way of gauging their potential.
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