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  1. sounds like we are going to plan for 7pm at Samurai Noodle...hope to see some folks there!!!
  2. Ill check this again, but plan to meet somewhere tonight in the u district tonight around 6 or 7??
  3. @fluidworks use the "Link" Light Rail to get from SeaTac (follow signs out of the terminal, thru the parking garage to the station) to the UW area, the last stop on the train. Then uber or walk from there. Train ride is about 45 mins, $3. Ramen is the first healthy-ish option that comes to mind in the u district near campus...Samurai Noodle on the ave.
  4. Felt it would be prudent to make a separate thread for those wanting to meet up before the interview, share anxious thoughts, offer help to those coming from out-of-town on place to stay (if you haven't found one already), transport, etc. @fluidworks I'd definitely like to meet up before the big day. For pubs, the College Inn, in the U-District, has big tables and is in walking distance of the hotels suggested in the mailing info. There are also many fairly cheap restaurants around the area. One week!
  5. I applied as well. Not nuc med though, ER Tech/EMT. Thoughts on the probationary status? Seems like the program fell victim to unfortunate timing of ARC-PA's review schedule, and were placed on probation due to lack of data about student performance (which they don't have due to the young age of the program). Hoping things get sorted, I really like the structure and close-knit atmosphere of the Heritage program.
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