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  1. I already have 40k so what’s a few extra haha . . . Post-bacc is what they like to see I’m guessing
  2. Second time here too. Applied in 2019. Added a graduate degree to the mix and bumped up my prerequisite GPA. Added another ~3k HCE hours.
  3. I believe I applied in late May/Early June and hybrid as in online/in person
  4. Rejected today from Glenside and Delaware. Rejected last week from hybrid program. Disappointed with all the rejections. Having meaningful HCE doesn’t seem to make a difference to so many programs.
  5. How does this happen? I was not selected for the hybrid program and am waiting on decisions from the in-person programs (both campuses). Do they have different admission committees?
  6. Awesome thank you for that answer. I was sweating. Most of mine were a bit longer than 200 words but I think decently written (I hope haha)
  7. Yeah did not see anything anywhere about a word limit
  8. Submitted this morning. Non-trad medic w/ 40k hours in various clinical settings GPA less than 2.5 BUT . . . Last 80 above a 3.8 and Masters w/ 3.7 GPA Wrote and submitted an explanation Here is hoping
  9. Got my confirmation this am as well. Mine was submitted and verified in May I believe. I’m a long shot here but during the info session they were very helpful in encouraging my app.
  10. Got my confirmation this am as well. Mine was submitted and verified in May I believe. I’m a long shot here but during the info session they were very helpful in encouraging my app.
  11. Considering applying cGPA/sGPA 2.4 Last 60 3.75 including Masters in Medical Science 40k hours as paramedic East coast resident
  12. It’s far and away my favorite option for PA programs. I’m sure they will receive the necessary accreditation and hopefully we will all be selected.
  13. Lauren Thanks so much for taking the time respond. I remember from my first time around applying they don’t use sGPA, just your qualifying (highest of the three) and your prerequisite GPA. Back then my qualifying was much lower than average and my HCE didn’t compensate. Such is life. However, now my prerequisite GPA is near or above a 3.9 and my qualifying GPA will be a 3.73 (last 40). Additionally, I’ve accrued another 5k hours of HCE and some more volunteer work. Strong LOR from two PAs and a RN manager. I sincerely hope this go around my efforts, including completin
  14. I appreciate it. I applied to EVMS a few years back. Sub 2.5 cGPA and sGPA but 3.59 for last 40. No interview. Fast forward to today and my last 40 are 3.72 and I completed a graduate degree in medical science with a 3.7 gpa. Plus 40k paramedic hours and some volunteer work. My cGPA and sGPA haven’t budged but qualifying GPA is rock solid. Will be reapplying for another shot.
  15. At the risk of being too forward, what changed this go around for you? What did you do differently?
  16. Submitted apps to Glenside and Delaware campuses today. Low undergrad stats but high grad gpa in biomedical science and almost twenty years as a paramedic. Here’s to hoping!
  17. Applying today. Spoke with admissions and director. Spectacular interactions. They’re going to be awesome.
  18. Submitted but no verification cGPA/sGPA both less than 2.5 Last 80 = 3.8 Graduate degree (Med Sci) = 3.7 40k HCE hours (EMS) Good LOR Non-trad w/ a family
  19. Submitted my app for their developing hybrid program.
  20. He is an Aussiedoodle, an Australian Shepard/poodle mix. Sweet guy, very friendly. Usually pretty mellow but stubborn. Training was fun for him. And it is an emotional process.
  21. Not giving up, just going another direction. Thanks for your words. Best of luck to you.
  22. I’m in agreement, I think that may be the end of invites. I’m going to let this one simmer and sting for awhile. Perhaps be a little (or very) bitter. Still, I’m very happy for those that received invites and wish you all the best. To those who did not, keep working and you will certainly reach your goals.
  23. All valid points (except money, I just want enough to pay back loans and buy a primary residence on the ocean, East coast, can do that as PA). But anyway, maybe. I’m killing my SMP now. It’ll prep me for either choice. Have some time to ruminate on it now
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