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GRE school codes

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Hey guys, I have a question about GRE codes:


When sending GRE scores, do you just send them to schools with CASPA codes? I have checked with each school I am planning on applying to... some list the code, some just say they require the GRE, some take the GRE into account but it is not required, and some do not specify at all. On the ETS website, some schools just have a general code listed, while others have the CASPA code. I am planning on applying to ~12 or so schools, and I don't want to spend $27 on each school if I don't need to. I contacted CASPA but they did not really answer my question.


tl;dr Do I send GRE scores to every school, or only the ones with CASPA codes (unless they designate otherwise)?



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If you click the school's name you are applying to on CASPA's participating programs list, it will tell you right there whether the GRE is required or not. If its required, you would need to provide it. If it is not, it would be your choice:



If the GRE is required, you should follow the instructions here:



Basically, if the test is REQUIRED and they have a CASPA code, you should use it. If they do not, you need to follow the school's instructions.

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jshoffer18, it is irrelevant to submit scores to a school that does not require them. The schools do not consider the scores when reviewing your application, probably because the schools do not believe the test is a good measure of aptitude in reference to their program.


Consider this: a person asks you how many dogs you own and you say two, and then you add that you also own one cat. The person inquiring about your dogs does not care about your cat, because he/she did not ask; it neither helps nor hurts the fact that you have two dogs, but the person was only asking about the dogs, so the mention of the cat is irrelevant.


Alternatively, if another person asks you how many dogs AND how many cats you own, it is incorrect to just answer that you have two dogs, because he/she asked about both dogs AND cats. If the person asks about both, you must tell him how many of both you have.


Therefore, if a school does not require the GRE, do not send the scores; they will not ask you about it during your interview. If the school requires the GRE, however, send the scores to that school, because it is a requirement.


I asked the same question once before, hopefully my explanation will help.

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Send your GRE scores to every school if they require the GRE or take it into account. If they use a CASPA GRE code, send the scores to the CASPA code of the school. Once the scores are received you will be able to see the schools name under "official tests" in CASPA.


Don't send it to the schools that don't require it because its a waste of $ and they already see your scores through where you entered it on CASPA. 

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