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  1. This is not accurate. Your transcripts do roll over. You only have to send them again if you completed additional work since the previous cycle or received a degree. Check CASPA's own instructions for yourself rather than ask the internet: https://help.liaisonedu.com/CASPA_Applicant_Help_Center/Starting_Your_CASPA_Application/Creating_and_Managing_Your_CASPA_Account/3_Use_an_Existing_CASPA_Account_to_Re-Apply
  2. I'd let the schools know directly as well. If they already dumped your CASPA app into their own database they might not know you updated it.
  3. Allegro

    JST on CASPA

    You would not. CASPA does not accept military work unless taken at a military school like West Point or Community College of the Air Force. CASPA does not accept JST, AARTS or Sailor/Marine transcripts. If your school wants it, they will have turned on the "military papers" field in their school-specific section.
  4. Sometimes school name changes can throw the verification team off if they don't realize that two names are referring to the same institution. Notifying CASPA should be sufficient as name changes are usually easily verified by a Google search. If you notified CASPA, they should have made a note on your account; I would resubmit the application with no changes now that you let them know and see what happens.
  5. Allegro


    If you have mostly academic experience, you'd do a CV. If you have mostly employment experience, you'd do a resume. They both serve the same purpose; CVs are just geared towards academia in regards to format, whereas resumes are geared towards employment. If you were applying to be a professor, for example, you'd likely submit a CV as opposed to a resume. You can google standard formats for both.
  6. Allegro

    Transfer Credits

    Study abroad is a entirely different animal. CASPA does not accept foreign transcripts. What you have to do depends on how your study abroad worked. You'll want to review all CASPA's SA rules here before deciding what to do: https://help.liaisonedu.com/CASPA_Applicant_Help_Center/Sending_Your_Official_Transcripts_and_Test_Scores_to_CASPA/Sending_Official_Transcripts_to_CASPA/Study_Abroad_or_Overseas_US_Institution_Transcripts
  7. Not really, but sometimes it confuses the schools to receive the supp with no CASPA to connect it to. If you do them in that order I'd just recommend the CASPA is not too far behind.
  8. You need to do that; if you opt out, your schools see 0 prereqs matched.
  9. Technically you are. A "Re-applicant" from a CASPA point of view does not mean you submitted to PA programs before. It means this is not your first cycle with an application. You didn't start "early," you started in the wrong cycle. On the CASPA side, if you pulled over your info from the old cycle, your account says "re-applicant" on it and you're bound by the re-app rules. Some applicants try to use the re-app rules as a loophole to fill things out super early and get a leg up, but that's actually manipulating the system. It's not forbidden or anything, but you have to understand that you're not using the application as intended and work within those parameters with the knowledge you're basically highjacking it a bit. You're going to confuse yourself and CASPA if you think of yourself as "not a re-app." As far as everyone is concerned, you are, so make sure you do identify yourself as such when working with them.
  10. Allegro


    If you know your current qualify points and credits for your cGPA and sGPA, you can figure this out by taking the total number of credits in each and adding the credits for the new classes to the total. Then you would add your new quality points (final gradexcredits) to the quality points total. Divide the QP by credits to get your new GPA. Example: current total credits: 12 current total quality points: 36 current GPA: 3.0 (36 divided by 12) current total credits + 3 new credits = 15 new total credits current total quality points: + 12 new quality points (A=4.0 x 3 credits) = 48 new total quality points new GPA: 3.20 (48 divided by 15)
  11. Think about this from CASPA and the PA programs' perspective - they have to check your work based upon the information on your transcripts and do not have knowledge of the course's actual content the way you do. That's not to say you can't let that inform you when you're trying to pick something that is a gray area, but you can't expect them to go with something that has no evidence on the transcript. For example, I would assume your Pharmoethics course was essentially a medical ethics course, just specific to the pharm profession, so I would classify it as medical ethics and CASPA and the school would see "pharmoethics" and likely go with that. But if the dept is PHARM and the course title is "chemistry" there is no way they would know that is biochem and likely would change a biochem classification. Does that help?
  12. This might be helpful as I see people confuse this all the time. You are not in line for verification until: - you submitted your app - all your transcripts are in - 2 of your LORs are done - if you ordered their PTE service, not only is it done but you clicked that button to approve it If any of the above isn't done, the waiting game hasn't started yet. Whatever date the last of those things happened, your application status moves to "Complete" and that's the date you start counting from. If its been over two weeks from then CALL to make sure something isn't up.
  13. It's about 50/50 apps who do bullets and those who do full sentences. Both are correct; it's not a mistake. Nobody is a machine. Nobody is submitting a pristine application. There is a difference between a glaring, red flag mistake and an honest mistake. Everyone needs to take a deep breath. Now if you wrote Physician Assistant as "Physician's Assistant" everywhere on your app, I'd be more concerned.
  14. CASPA won't take AP score reports; AP tests only count if a college awards you credit for them. You should include it in your coursework under the college that gave you the credit and list it as it appears on their transcript.
  15. Not from CASPA; CASPA does not verify any experience hours. However, some PA programs do have their own verification forms.
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