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  1. It's who you shadowed. So if you shadow a PA, the title is "PA Shadow." If a NP, a "NP Shadow" etc.
  2. For starters, you just posted it on a public forum filled with ADCOM members, PAEA reps, and CASPA employees. If they find out, you just stated, in writing, you're guilty of purposefully omitting it. Not reporting it on purpose is a Code of Conduct violation which will get you kicked out of CASPA. For a W, that doesn't impact your GPA at all, why take that chance?
  3. Although not changing it at all if you are applying to the same programs is definitely frowned upon (at the very least, they'd like to you address how you have improved your app since last go around) CASPA does not flag PS for plagiarism. The only person I ever heard of who got accused of plagiarism on the CASPA statement literally copy/pasted the PAEA website description of what PAs do and thought nobody would notice for some dumb reason. The PharmCAS app DOES run all the PS through a plagiarism detector though and they are run by the same folks so maybe the rep you talked to got confused...
  4. That's really interesting. Do you know if they looked at the environments where the scribing was done or was it just scribing in general? It would be intriguing to see if other programs saw similar outcome data.
  5. The basic rule is if something bad happened and your school will find out (and if its on your transcript, they will) you want them to find out in that self-reported section and not on their own. Just say yes and the text box will pop up where you can explain what happened and that you didn't go on probation, etc. It will be less of a big deal if you call it out rather than letting a reviewer find it.
  6. Depends on the school. You should check with them about GRE requirements. CASPA will process your app without the scores, and add the scores when they receive them, but that doesn't mean the schools themselves are not picky. I know of at least one that requires the scores self-reported on the app or they reject it.
  7. That post is from May 2016; I doubt that person is applying this cycle... though one day turnaround times are not uncommon early in the cycle.
  8. CASPA doesn't specifically average your repeated courses together - they just count every course you take as a completely separate course, repeated or not, so doing well in any other course will help alleviate the impact of a poor grade. That said, whether a particular PA program will take the higher mark is up to them.
  9. ^THIS. Nothing on the application should double dip. Not experiences, coursework, etc.
  10. The "deadline" you set means nothing to CASPA - her request will still be there and she can still fill it out. That deadline feature just exists to give the reference an idea of what your expectations are for them. Don't delete it and resend, that will make her start over if she's done part of it. Contact her outside the system and discuss an appropriate ETA.
  11. Allegro

    LOR Problem

    This would happen if he has a reference account on CASPA under a different email address than the one you used to send him the request on your app. They have one login to their portal, and if he has one already, you want to make sure you're using the right email.
  12. You can cancel it but they won't give you a refund. At this point where its so early in the cycle, its not worth loosing the money, just let them do it.
  13. If the lab is listed separately, just put 0 credits and a grade of CR for "credit." Many schools use E as the failing grade instead of F. Look on the back of your transcript to see what E means. If it is just means pass, put P for pass or if it just means credit put CR. CASPA looks at the grade definitions on the back for grades that are not A-F.
  14. If you haven't submitted your application, you can go through the whole review and finalize again. Just go to coursework, click edit on a random class, save it, and the review finalize option comes back.
  15. It doesn't - a quick thanks so much would likely be sufficient.
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