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  1. You'd want to wait until CASPA has the updated transcript; if you submit before they get that, they'll verify you with what they have and if its a current term (ie summer 2020) they'll just flip that class to in-progress and verify you with it that way.
  2. What is the title of the course? CASPA goes by that first; if it can go either way, they use the department to throw it one way or the other. At the end of the day don't over-stress about it. You don't get undelivered for course subjects if you make a good effort. They just fix them for you.
  3. You only need two to be verified so there is no reason to let it hold up your app. I would just check and make sure that if your programs want three when they want that third one in by. They may have their own requirements.
  4. Allegro


    Because of COVID, registrars actually can sign up with CASPA to send official transcripts via email - the registrar has to reach out to their support team to set that up. Applicants obviously can't. I'd confirm with your registar that isn't an option (either because they haven't set that up or are unwilling to) before going with the upload process because a lot of the programs ultimately aren't going to take the unofficial ones. Processing the unofficial is less time consuming and problematic than trying to ensure your program gets an official one down the line and juggling all of that.
  5. I don't think the amounts are relevant; while having scholarships is certainly something to be personally proud of (and every dollar certainly helps) think of it from an ADCOM's standpoint. They are likely looking for named, significant items which will tell them something about you as an applicant. For example, if you were a Rhode's or a McNair Scholar or went on a Watson Fellowship, that kind of thing.
  6. Allegro


    Have you called them about the notification for additional guidance? Sounds like you are taking the same action and expecting a different outcome. Not saying it isn't their mistake, just that you may need to intervene to get things moving.
  7. Allegro


    Verification starts counting after you submit to a school AND at least two LORs are received and all transcripts are received. If you haven't been verified yet, something is likely missing. Have you checked your status menu to make sure you're considered "complete?"
  8. There is no exact right or wrong here, but assuming the college you did your freshman/sophomore years at did not give you AP credit (since you can't claim it twice) if it were me i'd just lump it into my first term and call it junior. The idea is to just include it in your first term at the school, while that is usually "freshman" in your case it would make sense to do junior. The reason apps are instructed to say freshman is a lot of them try to label it senior because they were seniors in high school.
  9. I agree the new wording is hard to interpret; I'd almost advise asking PAEA as they dictate changes to the CASPA app. Looks like they have a student email separate from the CASPA info (the CASPA email will just get you the CASPA folks who can't really tell you how to interpret a legal question like this). https://paeaonline.org/caspa/ Short of that, it might be worth asking your schools if you are really worried about it, but I can understand that is likely not how you wanted to explain it to them.
  10. You have to click the "order" button on colleges attended to get a pop up. They won't give you the form unless you select you are mailing by paper mail. They changed the workflow because they want applicants whose schools have electronic transcript integration to make sure they are using that method by default and only requesting by mail if they have to.
  11. Is everything on your transcript 1.0 credits or less? Or is everything else 3.0 or 4.0 credits and just this one course is 0.5? If its just this course there is no conversion, it is just a half credit course. If everything is 1 or .5 you do have a conversion - you might have to ask your school about it. Also its not true you can only use whole numbers as plenty of classes are less than 1.0 (ie. PE, orchestra, etc). You just have to put a "0" into the whole number slot and then use the drop-down for the .50.
  12. They'll go by the definition on the back of the transcript; for a course drop it will usually have a code for drop within the add/drop period which is considered the same as a W and doesn't factor into your GPA, and they usually have a code for drop outside the drop period or withdrawn with penalty, which is considered a withdrawn failing and does count.
  13. Allegro

    COVID impacts?

    No delay to start of cycle
  14. If you are rolling over your info and nothing has changed on your transcript (you haven't completed additional courses or received a degree what wasn't on the transcript as awarded the first time) than no, you don't need to resend that transcript.
  15. I know a lot of people have taken it via Straighterlline and Universal Class.
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