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  1. If you got interviews at all three, I wouldn't worry too much about your stats, although improvement is always good. Your stats get you in the interview, your interview gets you an offer, so I'd focus a lot on your interview skills and taking a honest, harsh view of your performance the last round. As far as applying more broadly, statistically there is a tipping point (I think its 10? 11? ) where your chances of acceptance increase, after that point it levels out and no longer makes you more likely to get in. On average, CASPA apps apply to 6-7 programs each cycle.
  2. Allegro

    CASPA fail?

    I'm sure; its because the act of copying your info over into the new cycle flags it as "re-applicant," the system does not distinguish between people who actually went through the submission process and those that just inputted info and never applied. CASPA doesn't care one way or the other, however how things are received/processed/understood changes with this status so its just good to be aware of when you talk to customer service.
  3. Allegro

    Science GPA Confusion

    Do you mean the school had a diff sci GPA than on your CASPA app? If so, keep in mind programs get your info from CASPA and then can do with that data what they want - including calculate their own GPAs picking the courses they consider to be important. Some do a most recent 60 credits for example, or they could have their own definition of what they consider to be science. It would be worth following up with the school on what they are looking for.
  4. The form you download on CASPA is for your school to include with your transcript to CASPA, its not to actually REQUEST the transcript itself. Your school that you are getting the transcript from very likely wants you to fill out their own form with all that personalized info, you just don't send them your CASPA form and call it a day. I'd advise checking with the registrar at the school you are getting the transcript from as how they require transcripts to be requested.
  5. It depends on if, and by how much, your university's numeric grading scale differs from CASPA. For example if your uni gives B+ a 3.5, CASPA only gives you a 3.3, so that could add up if you have a lot of +/- grades. CASPA also counts all repeats so if you repeated a bunch of courses and your uni didn't count those, CASPA does. Otherwise its about the same. The other thing is CASPA does semester hour GPAs - if you were on quarters, that can change your GPA as those hours are all multiplied by .667 so they are worth less.
  6. Allegro

    CASPA fail?

    You are considered a "re-applicant" by the system though, even if you never apply in the cycle you start the account. Just FYI.
  7. Have the extra courses you've been taking going well? It can be an uphill climb depending on how many credits from undergrad may be dragging down your GPA, however a trend towards improvement - and continued improvement - is also beneficial. Many programs will do a recalculation of your most recent 60 credits, so if those are looking strong, boosting your stats there can only help, as previous posters mentioned. For your CNA role, what are your typical responsibilities? The CNA role can vary widely from strong patient care experience to weaker. I don't think your patient population matters so much as your opportunities within your role.
  8. Select "per diem" instead of full time or part time for the type and then put in the average. In the description, you can better explain your actual time commitment.
  9. It's about 50/50 when it comes to apps who use bullet points vs. those who write out full sentence descriptions. Whichever conveys the information best is fine, its mostly personal preference.
  10. This is not accurate. Your transcripts do roll over. You only have to send them again if you completed additional work since the previous cycle or received a degree. Check CASPA's own instructions for yourself rather than ask the internet: https://help.liaisonedu.com/CASPA_Applicant_Help_Center/Starting_Your_CASPA_Application/Creating_and_Managing_Your_CASPA_Account/3_Use_an_Existing_CASPA_Account_to_Re-Apply
  11. I'd let the schools know directly as well. If they already dumped your CASPA app into their own database they might not know you updated it.
  12. Allegro

    JST on CASPA

    You would not. CASPA does not accept military work unless taken at a military school like West Point or Community College of the Air Force. CASPA does not accept JST, AARTS or Sailor/Marine transcripts. If your school wants it, they will have turned on the "military papers" field in their school-specific section.
  13. Sometimes school name changes can throw the verification team off if they don't realize that two names are referring to the same institution. Notifying CASPA should be sufficient as name changes are usually easily verified by a Google search. If you notified CASPA, they should have made a note on your account; I would resubmit the application with no changes now that you let them know and see what happens.
  14. Allegro


    If you have mostly academic experience, you'd do a CV. If you have mostly employment experience, you'd do a resume. They both serve the same purpose; CVs are just geared towards academia in regards to format, whereas resumes are geared towards employment. If you were applying to be a professor, for example, you'd likely submit a CV as opposed to a resume. You can google standard formats for both.
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