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  1. CASPA doesn't verify any of that stuff, though your programs might (however its probably unlikely). If you know someone who could vouch for you that is the current supervisor at the location even if they weren't your supervisor at the time, you could list them and then notate in the text section of the experience that so-and-so was your supervisor at the time but they are no longer affiliated with whatever place it is.
  2. Quick question regarding patient care hours needed to apply to schools. I just had an interview to be a physical therapy aide which I know counts towards the hours, however I did just set up and interview for a hearing screener for new borns. If given the opportunity to choose between the 2, which one is best? I ask because im

    not positive if hesring screener is for sure accepted by programs, however my goal is to work in a children’s hospital so naturally the screener job appeals to

    me. Thank you!


    1. Allegro


      It's always tough because various programs have varying opinions. I would float the ideas past reps from programs you are interested in at open houses, virtual fairs, etc and see how they respond. I wouldn't approach it as which would count so much as which would demonstrate the "strongest" experience from their point of view. If you get conflicting responses, you know where to apply based around the job you feel is best for you long term.

  3. Agree with all of the above, just be VERY aware of the math involved to raise a GPA to the necessary thresholds to be considered. The 2.8 itself matters less than the number of credits which contributed to it. Depending on the backlog you are working with - 4 years of low grades is a LOT of credits - some people are surprised by just how small a drop in the bucket post-bacc coursework can be in the face of a lot of credits' worth of poor grades. Learn how GPAs are calculated and how many credits of A/B grades it is going to take to raise it and pursue coursework with that in mind.
  4. There are two parts - a ratings rubric (not questions, but rate you from 1-5 on various criteria) and then they upload a personalized letter. They just shouldn't mention any specific place you are applying since the same letter goes to all of your schools.
  5. Allegro

    LOR for CASPA

    If they can each provide a strong reference from different perspectives, I don't think it would look bad necessarily. However if the end result will be three letters describing basically the same set of observations of your performance in only one environment/role, that probably would not be the strongest combination. Think of how much more well-informed an assortment of references who could describe you more holistically; ie. one review you in the classroom environment, another in a clinical setting, etc. would seem in comparison. However, if the alternative is flat references from people who do not know you well, it might be a wash.
  6. I agree with all of the above, but at the same time you didn't talk much about how you felt the space/engineering path you are starting to explore is going and how that compares. Before going with PA I'd explore both that role specifically but also your options working in the space/engineering field as you may find one environment suits you better than the other. Enjoying the working environment is almost just as important (if not more important than) enjoying the job itself.
  7. Allegro

    LOR for CASPA

    Have you checked the requirements of the programs to which you are applying? Many are very specific as to who they want to see as references.
  8. That is correct for just deadlines during the cycle, but this is the close of the full cycle. They won't process anything after the cycle closes. You just have to make sure everything shakes out by these dates: Central Application Service for Physician Assistants February 7 at 10:15 AM · The end of the 2018-2019 application cycle is quickly approaching! As CASPA prepares to close the 2019 cycle and open the 2020 cycle, please keep these important dates in mind: - THE FINAL SUBMIT DEADLINE FOR THE 2018-2019 CYCLE IS 11:59PM EST ON MARCH 1, 2019. Be sure to check your program deadline dates and submit your application before this date. - The final date CASPA can post transcripts, evaluations, and test scores is 5PM EST on Friday, March 8th. No documents will be accepted after this date and no applications will be processed further without these documents. - All Professional Transcript Entry applicants must approve their coursework entry by Wednesday, March 13th, and applicants who have been undelivered must resubmit their applications by Thursday, March 14th. Any outstanding coursework entry approvals or re-deliveries will not be processed if submitted after these dates. - The application cycle will close on Friday, March 15, 2019. After this date, CASPA will no longer process 2018-2019 applications. - The CASPA 2019-2020 application cycle will open on April 25, 2019. Applicants may not create an account or submit documentation prior to April 25. Any accounts created or documents received prior to this date will be discarded.
  9. If you haven't gotten your transcript in, you're waiting on more than just verification. Apps aren't considered complete without all transcripts in and at least 2 LORs completed by the evaluators, and as the cycle is closing, there is a date coming very soon after which CASPA won't accept these items even if they show up. Once you are complete, then you go in line for verification. Even then, there is a date quickly approaching in which verification shuts down for good. I'm also confused - have you already submitted to this program? If you have, you really don't have any options other than to hope for the best. If you haven't (and I assume haven't submitted elsewhere as you said you weren't planning on applying this cycle) you definitely are not in line for verification or even in that school's applicant pool.
  10. March 1 is literally the final date of the entire application cycle. If you haven't even started yet, my advice is wait. Also if this program is developing, that means they would only start this fall if they get accreditation. If they don't, they'd dump you anyway (which happens) and you'd have to reapply. It's not worth it.
  11. Agree with @Potatolife, but you might want to check this out as it does explain that here as well: https://help.liaisonedu.com/CASPA_Applicant_Help_Center/Filling_Out_Your_CASPA_Application/2._CASPA_Academic_History/3Transcript_Entry
  12. CASPA requires that you send all your transcripts - its not just an option - you will get your app sent back to you if you don't.
  13. I agree with UGoLong, something doesn't sound right here, and looping in the work comp issue really makes this sound worse, and not in the way that reflects well on you. Doing a quick look at your other posts, you also have a thread on DUI charges with some excuses there about how that was handled, placing the blame on the authorities, and some poor academic history you had to overcome. This is not for me to judge, but putting myself in the shoes of an ADCOM, there seems to be a pattern of problems that you are likely going to have to explain. As he mentioned, your life is not ruined, but how you acknowledge these events and move forward will make a difference in how these reflect on you.
  14. Allegro

    GRE official

    ^ Correct On the school's end, what they see is that you have "GRE Scores" meaning the ones you self-report on your app, and "GRE Official Scores" which are the ones that CASPA receives from the GRE/ETS, which is probably why you're confused - your schools are looking at different language/labeling than you are. On your end, you just see that they have been received from GRE/ETS or not.
  15. Not all programs will accept the sampler course - gen/orgo/biochem combo. Check with the programs you're applying to, but that may not be sufficient.
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