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  1. Allegro

    CASPA applications viewed by all programs??

    They can't see where you applied other than to their program. Then can, however, see your application as soon as you list their program on CASPA, even if you haven't submitted to them specifically yet. They just can't see all your info.
  2. Allegro

    CASPA LOR Questions

    Yeah, its a ranking thing where they score you on a bunch of stuff, like writing ability, speaking ability, adaptability, ability to work well with others, etc. and then an overall rating of how enthusiastically (or unenthusiastically) they recommend you. They don't write out answers to anything outside of the letter itself.
  3. Allegro


    1) No, if you have already submitted you can't edit your pre-reqs. 2) No, CASPA only allows one account per person, per cycle. If they catch you, they'll shut the new account down. If the programs catch you, they'll charge you with a code of conduct violation. I would suggest letting the programs you applied to know when you plan to take the course instead.
  4. Allegro

    Entering prerequisites in CASPA applications

    Think about it this way, your schools already can see all your Bio courses in your coursework section. CASPA gives you a Bio GPA. It's redundant to list them all out. If I were you, in this case, I'd ask your school what bio courses specifically they are looking for here. For example, are they looking for a genetics over a cell bio? AP I and II? A lot of schools are very specific, but if this one is being vague I would ask.
  5. Allegro

    Caspa letters of rec and applying to multiple programs.

    They upload them to the CAS as a whole (ie CASPA) and not the individual schools, but the letters aren't shared between applications (ie CASPA and PTCAS). Your letter writer is wrong about that part.
  6. Allegro

    Entering prerequisites in CASPA applications

    You only have to meet the pre-req, not list every course that qualifies for the pre-req, so list the A!
  7. Allegro

    Double dipping experience

    It is better to keep everything under the one item you feel is most relevant to the experience. If you must split it up, you absolutely cannot double dip hours, as those are not allowed to be repeated.
  8. Allegro

    BCP vs Overall Science GPA

    I agree that that is a pretty minor difference you have there. I wouldn't be concerned.
  9. Allegro

    LOR "Accepted" vs. "Completed

    Accepted means they have clicked that they agree to write the letter for you. Completed means they've actually done it and submitted it to CASPA.
  10. Allegro

    Official Transcript Entry - Quarter to Semester

    You would def NOT convert to units. That is a totally different thing. Did your transcript go back and convert all your quarter credits to semester hours (you can tell if they are now weird decimals, like 2.69) or is your senior year a totally different set of credits? If your transcript went back and converted everything to semester hours, put semester and list all your credits as they are on your transcript, weird decimals and all. If only your senior year is in semester hours, list "quarter" and put in all your credits as they are on your transcript. During verification, the verification team will change your senior semesters to semester. They can do that, you can't. Once you have been verified, make sure your senior terms say semester. If they don't, call CASPA ASAP.
  11. "PA Shadow" would be the title in this case. If you shadowed a different type of practitioner, it would be "Nurse Shadow" or "Surgeon Shadow," etc.
  12. Not many, but they exist. This is the list on PAEA's program directory of those that don't but it is out of date; quite a few of these use CASPA now. A lot of the others are not accredited. http://directory.paeaonline.org/programs?utf8=✓&state=&degree=&caspa=0&gre=&health_xp=&bach_required=&min_gpa=&start_month=
  13. Allegro

    Updating GPA's on CASPA

    You can send more than one transcript, but if you submit your application with the first one its going to go through verification with the transcript is currently on file. After that happens, if you send a new transcript, CASPA will not update your GPA - they only calculate it once. If you aren't going to submit your application until the second transcript is received, there is really no point to sending in the original one.
  14. Allegro

    Before CASPA starts

    I mean get them organized. CASPA asks you to document each of your experiences into certain categories, put in supervisor info, hours/weeks worked etc. It's easier to type it all in if you get that all sorted out in one place ahead of time.
  15. Allegro

    At what exact time does CASPA open on April 26th, 2018?

    CASPA doesn't tell anyone what time because when they used to do that, everyone piled on all at once and crashed their server. Honestly, you're better off doing it over the few days after it opens, not day 1. It just makes you look like you rushed it to schools, and its easier to fill out the app when you aren't fighting 10,000 other people trying to load the same page. .

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