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  1. Allegro

    Military credit: corps school for medical terminology

    CASPA probably won't take it if its just ACE (American Council on Education) credit as those aren't really credits but credit reccomendations, similar to getting a 4 on a AP exam. ACE is saying, "if a college is willing to give you credits for this, we advise they give you 3 credits." If one of your schools actually gave you the credit for that recommendation and its on that school's transcript, CASPA should take it as college credit from that school.
  2. Allegro

    Updating CASPA after verification

    There are some schools that flat-out won't look at updates. I can't think of which ones off the top of my head but they're pretty up front about it that they don't. You'll just have to check with the schools. As for notifying them, I'd ask them how they want to be notified as part of your "do you take updates" inquiry. CASPA technically tells them, but they do so in a stream of hundreds of other notifications the schools get and how many admins actually look at those notifications is very likely nobody. Some schools who allow updates up until X date go actively looking for them, but others you'd probably want to let them know.
  3. Allegro

    Developmental Biology not a science?

    There is a lot of overlap with all courses, but at the end of the day, realize CASPA doesn't pick - they're just the application. They're sorting it the way the schools are telling them to, so its probably because the PA programs don't view it to be as valuable as other science courses.
  4. Allegro


    Some will also do a pre-req GPA based on their school's pre-req requirements.
  5. Allegro

    CASPA for next cycle

    ^not true about transcripts. Your essay will not carry over though. Def read their FAQ.
  6. ^ This. You'll also need to provide CASPA the transcript from the affiliated college, not the HS transcript.
  7. Allegro

    How to calculate science gpa?

    Find your quality points for each class, which is semester credits x numeric value of your grade. So say you get a B (3.0) x 3 semester hours = 9 quality points for the class. Add up your total quality points, and divide by total credits. EX: 100 QP/30 credits = 3.33 GPA
  8. Allegro

    CASPA Transcripts

    Do it yourself, it takes a little time but its faster than asking CASPA to do it. You won't have any GPAs until after CASPA verifies your app. You may want to review their help center for how that timeline works.
  9. Allegro

    Not Going According To Plan

    Note that you don't even go into line for transcript entry until you submit to at least one school. If you are sitting on that, that's the problem. Verification rarely takes 4 weeks - its more like 1-2 as long as you don't get it sent back to you - so I wouldn't worry about that, but if you haven't submitted get on that ASAP!
  10. Allegro

    Will this effect my application?

    Eh, hard to say. I wouldn't call it a HUGE mistake, but schools that specifically instructed you NOT to do that might see it as an inability to follow directions. Honestly, you wouldn't be the first one to do that; I don't think it is going to tank an otherwise strong app. However, in general, unless schools specifically ask you to list everything, you're not supposed to.
  11. Allegro

    Updating CASPA too often??

    That's typically less of a concern than knowing what schools you applied to that even will look at updates. Some flat out won't. Others will.
  12. Allegro

    Post-verification GPA incorrect

    If you know its an error, you should contact CASPA customer service so they can review it. If it is a mistake they will fix it, you just have to find the mistake (which it sounds like you did, that courses were duplicated between campuses?). Just make sure you can explain what you're talking about so they can see what you're seeing. CASPA GPAs are done automatically so the only errors come from items not being entered correctly on coursework. If you can point out the items duplicated and why they are duplicates, they should be able to fix it.
  13. Allegro

    CASPA applications viewed by all programs??

    They can't see where you applied other than to their program. Then can, however, see your application as soon as you list their program on CASPA, even if you haven't submitted to them specifically yet. They just can't see all your info.
  14. Allegro

    CASPA LOR Questions

    Yeah, its a ranking thing where they score you on a bunch of stuff, like writing ability, speaking ability, adaptability, ability to work well with others, etc. and then an overall rating of how enthusiastically (or unenthusiastically) they recommend you. They don't write out answers to anything outside of the letter itself.
  15. Allegro


    1) No, if you have already submitted you can't edit your pre-reqs. 2) No, CASPA only allows one account per person, per cycle. If they catch you, they'll shut the new account down. If the programs catch you, they'll charge you with a code of conduct violation. I would suggest letting the programs you applied to know when you plan to take the course instead.

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