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PA School Comparison Chart

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Hi all

With so many different PA programs and requirements, I have been having a hard time figuring out which prerequisites to take.  So I'm making a spread sheet comparing all the different PA programs by length, cost, and science requirements.  Figured I might as well post it here, in hopes my compulsion could help someone else.  So far I'm only at the Michigan schools (going alphabetically), but I will repost it when I have more complete.  

Let me know if you have any questions on it (I used abbreviations and shorthand that might only make sense to me).  I put down the best information I could find, but I don't vouch for the total accuracy of it, especially the tuition; some programs do not post it out right, so its a guestimate based on other tuition info they have posted.   Also, tuition is out of state, aside from the CA schools.  



ETA:  I have changed the uploaded document to the completed school list, if anyone has any corrections/ additions let me know and I can fix it


Still can't upload the excel document, but if anyone is having trouble with the PDF, shoot me a PM and I can email it to you

PA program details posting Sheet1.pdf

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So it wont let you upload any type of spreadsheet. I tried csv and various excel version and document spreadsheets. What I was able to do is change the formatting of the PDF and make it so you can zoom in or just print it to fit an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper.


So now everything lines up.


If you want to put it in a spreadsheet you should be able to copy and paste it now and they should line up rows to columns.




PA Program List.pdf

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As an update, I crunched some numbers on required classes (trying to convince myself I didn't need O Chem!), and heres what I've found with how many schools require a certain science class:


GRE: 75

Chem 1: 125

Chem 2: 104

Bio 1: 86

Bio 2: 58

A&P 1: 136

A&P 2: 134

Micro: 117

O Chem 1: 83 (some will sub biochem for o chem 1)

Bio chem: 40 (some schools say can be o chem 2 instead)

Genetics: 26

Medical Terminology: 37

Physics: 5

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