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  1. Richard died on Monday August 6

  2. Say isn't so??? I have spoken to PA Branson, not Mr. Branson, as he likes to be called a few times in the past over the phone to get some words of wisdom from him about PA school etc. When it came to medicine he would be wearing his own heart on his own sleeve to help anyone. I am so sorry to hear about this.
  3. I just finished my HCE, and looking to transition back into research as I finish my prerequistes. As a clinical research coordinator a few things I used to do is screen subjects for protocols and reviewed records, enrolled patients into studies, kept track of follow ups, communicated with personnel, collected data, maintained databases, and informed other intuitions about the subjects and coordinated the data. I was wondering what others have done or are doing with this type of background. I was never 'certified', but I wonder if it's worth it. Thougts??? Can you make a decent income? When I u
  4. Yes, I am looking into some GRE books as we speak ...
  5. Thanks for the suggestions ... Although I am considering to take a phlebotomy course and I am revamping my resume' *fingers crossed*
  6. May I ask where you are? I would like to work with behavioral health professions hence my BS psychology degree. ;-) I hope I don't come across being too forward (just networking ;-) ). What prior experience did you have before this? Can you suggest any places where I could look for something like what you are doing? TIA
  7. Hi everyone I need some advice. I am inquiring what others have done after they have obtained their HCE. I have been working as a RCA (Resident Care Associate/CNA) at an assisted living/memory care facility for almost a year (7 months) now and was wondering what others have done afterwards. I still need to take some prerequisites and take the GRE before I can even apply to PA school. I recently began to put ‘feelers’ out there (network), but so far no one has any ideas of what I should do next. I asked the NP (who works PRN at the same facility I do) and her response was “… go to nursing s
  8. Currently I am working in an assisted living/nursing home facility as a Resident Care Associate/Certified Nurse Aide. I have been there almost six months. Recently I was approached by a co-worker and asked if I would be interested in becoming a Med Aide. Do you believe if I do both this would enhance my chances when applying or should I just stick to being a CNA? Also, would it help pharmacology? TIA
  9. SN: Thank you for letting us taking a peak in your residency world
  10. As PAs sometimes we have to play the role of Sherlock Holmes and other times, Dr. Watson.

  11. FYI ... Summary Guide to Tetanus Prophylaxis in Routine Wound Management
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