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Class of 2016 Applicants

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From what I remember there were three parts to the day, and they divided us up into 3 groups- 70 people a day kind of seems like a lot more than I remember but maybe they just interview more people now. Anyways my first was the writing sample, all I remember was that it was on affordable healthcare. Then we had the group interview (ethical question) then we had out individual interviews, there was a tour and lunch in there as well :)

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Hey everyone, I'm a first year student at Le Moyne. Congrats on getting invited for the interview. The process is really relaxed. Just be yourself and you'll be fine. There is a group interview, 2 on 1 interview, and a short essay. Any questions specific to the interview let me know. I haven't been on here since I was accepted but I'll check periodically now that we have a little break. I'm also helping out on January 9th for those who are interviewing on Thursday. @bishalbista ... I'll actually be in Wichita for a week (visiting a friend) from the 28th-4th. PM me if you're interested in meeting up at some point.

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