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  1. EMEDPA, it looks like you made the rotations customized to what you wanted to focus on (em)- will most schools let students do this?
  2. It's not! Unless I'm misunderstanding.. http://www.barry.edu/physician-assistant/about-the-program/curriculum.html
  3. I am comparing my program to some others I have interviews at and I am noticing that there is no clin med class that seems to be so prominent in all other curriculums, does anyone think this is a deal breaker? There is physical diagnosis.
  4. I would most likely like em, surgery or hospitalist... looks like there is only one for hospitalist, but for the others there are more options. I'm just wondering just HOW competitve these spots are to get, does the school you attended matter? I don't really see much info researching it online...
  5. I was recently accepted into my first PA program and I am thinking about (well, looking into) doing a residency afterwards- I'm wondering, is it hard to get a residency? Is it very completitve?
  6. sorry that was a typo- i meant inpatient :) but that really sounds great, I am definitely going to look into that for my elective rotation
  7. From what I remember there were three parts to the day, and they divided us up into 3 groups- 70 people a day kind of seems like a lot more than I remember but maybe they just interview more people now. Anyways my first was the writing sample, all I remember was that it was on affordable healthcare. Then we had the group interview (ethical question) then we had out individual interviews, there was a tour and lunch in there as well :)
  8. Just Steve- that sounds AWESOME. Do programs have intake medicine rotations? The one I'm attending doesn't- could I do it as an elective?
  9. What an inspirational story, congratulations to you on all of your accompishments. I volunteer on a rescue squad too, it's life changing. :)
  10. Thanks everyone! I'm glad you're all in agreement :)
  11. Hey guys- just wondering if which program you attend matters when applying for a job? Can't find too much online about it...
  12. The interviews are in jan not phone, they just call to invite you. I interviewed here last time I applied and I got the call right before thanksgiving.
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