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Class of 2016 Applicants

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8-10 people per group interview was how ours was formatted. They change the essay question every year, and honestly I don't even remember what it was; I had several interviews with essay portions. But it wasn't difficult by any means, it's just to gauge who you are as a person and how you think.

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HI All....how are you?


Interviewing on the 11th & coming from Texas !!


I shall be staying at comfort inn and will arrive by afternoon on the 10th.

It would be great to meet up with anyone just wanting to hang out, grab something to eat etc.  Send me a Private message and lets get in touch.


CONGRATS to all with interviews....look forward to meeting you all.   :)


@valent:  it would have been nice to run into you there brother.  Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences here.  Its so helpful.

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@JimenezM  :     hahah, well then we still have  2 wks to go....just relax.  At this point, its out of our control.


The interview and the visit was a great experience.  I really enjoyed the campus, meeting the students and faculty.  They all seem close, friendly, respectful.  LOVED THAT !!


The one on one interview with 2 faculty seemed a bit fast for me....but with interviewing 70-80 students a day....i guess there is no way around that.


All in all....a great experience.....i hope i got in.....we shall find out by the end of the month.


Gluck to all.   :)


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@miller00:   I believe they will call & inform us of our status.  Then they follow up with an official letter.


@fcbtf:  haha, i hope that is an exaggeration.  Try to relax as much as possible.  It is all out of our hands now.

I agree, we had a great group of "future pa's"    :)

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