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  1. Congrats to everyone who got in. I think we should make a facebook page for all accepted students.
  2. I received a call of acceptance today as well. I interviewed on the Jan. 11th. Super excited and cannot wait to meet you all :)))
  3. I missed the call from the school earlier. I hope it's good news. Good luck all!!
  4. I definitely loved the school and the faculty. The next two weeks will seem like an eternity. Good luck to all!!!
  5. dsnacks, I have an Interview on 1/30. I know it's pretty late in the cycle but I'm super excited. How about you?? I'm coming from Michigan!
  6. That's a lot of people to interview in 3 days. Now i wish I chose the 9th instead of 11th.
  7. Hi Kodaeric, I have an interview in January as well. I chose Sat. 11th. How about you?? I was trying to get more info from previous blogs about the essays but didnt have any luck. Good luck!!
  8. Hi guys, I received a call today with interview invitation. Interviews will be held on January 9th, 10th and 11th. I am attending Saturday Jan.11th. I'm super excited and looking forward to meeting you all. Good luck!!
  9. Beacy8911, I know they are conducting interviews all the way through February and even March. I know couple of people that got accepted from my interview that I had last year in February....so hopefully there is still plenty of room :)) Good luck !!!
  10. I submitted my CASPA on 7/17 and still waiting to hear back. I am re-applicatant, I interviewed last year and got rejected due to lack of experience. The interview was very laid back and it went very smoothly. Hoping for another chance this year. Good luck to all who got accepted already and the ones still waiting to hear back!!
  11. Adinajcho, I'm in the same boat as you. I submitted my CASPA on 7/17 and still waiting. This is by far my favorite school and i'm hoping we'll both get an interview. I am re-applicant. I got waitlisted for interview last year and was on it until March :((( Hopefully I have more luck this year!! Good luck to all applicants still waiting to hear back.
  12. snoofle, When did you submit your app??? I have submitted my app on 7/16 and still have not heard anything :((
  13. HI guys!! I am trying to fill out my supplemental and I'm having some difficulties. I am re-applicant and when I log-in, I am only able to view last year's supplemental. Any other re-applicants having a same problem? Please help!!! I wanted to check here before e-mailing the admissions. Good luck to everyone applying. Mirela
  14. I also got an interview today for February 19th. I'm super excited. Thanks to all of you who shared your interview stories. They're very helpful. If anyone else would like to share their stories please do so. Thanks and good luck to everyone!!!!
  15. I am in the same boat as you PANY2013 and deseablev. My CASPA was submitted on 8/30 and I received an e-mail from NYIT on 09/27 that it's complete and will be evaluated. Haven't heard anything since. Are the interviews going until Feb. or March? This wait is killing me. Best of luck to all.
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