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  1. Hey everyone! Got my acceptance call yesterday!! So excited- I interviewed in Saturday the 11. Cant wait to get our acceptance packet and see the details. I agree about starting a Facebook page!
  2. I also just got an interview invite for January 25. I interviewed there last year and they have the Multiple Mini Interview Format. I think there were 5 stations, you had 1 minute outside each station to read the topic/scenario then you had 8 minutes in the room with the instructor to give your answer. They didn't really say too much. For me personally, I really don't like this interview style, I don't think it lets them really see your personality well and who you are as a person. Hopefully this year goes better though! Also, last year they had you split up into 3 different groups. One group did the interview, another went on a tour, and the last stayed in the main room for a Q&A with students and faculty and then you rotated. It was also pretty crazy last year there was I think 50+ people at my interview session and they only accepted 18 people for the class, so that was a little discouraging, but still it never hurts to try. Definitely seems like a great program and had very nice faculty and students. Hope this was helpful.
  3. Got my acceptance email for Miami today!!! So excited :) good luck to everyone else!
  4. I got my call for interview a few days ago! Will be going on January 11. Coming from Ohio, would have liked to have gone on Friday but couldn't because of work. Look forward to seeing everyone!
  5. I got an email last week saying that I was invited to submit a secondary. Plan on sending it in tomorrow-it's not bad at all, but there are three essay questions that aren't too fun. The type of questions that are hard not to write a generic response and difficult to make it sound good haha but we'll see how it goes!
  6. Hey guys! I'm interviewing on August 22, very excited! Anyone else interviewing that day? And anyone know what the interview for Pitt is like?
  7. hey, just wondered if anyone has heard anything back about the St. Croix campus? I was waitlisted for it and I wondered if anyone from recent interviews was accepted or knew how many seats were left? Thanks!
  8. hey! i have an interview this friday 2/1. I am interviewing at the Miami campus, but for a spot at the St. Croix campus. Anyone have any advice on the interviews? From what it sounds like they seem pretty laid back. Also, any info on the St. Croix campus? Im having a hard time finding info about it, I feel nervous about possibly going away to school that far if i were to get in. I'm also wondering if I can still be considered on the waitlist for Miami even though I picked to interview for St. Croix? Any answers and information will be very helpful! thanks and good luck to everyone :)
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