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Congrats to fyrelight74! I took the PANCE 9/11/13 and also received my score report on 9/19/13. It's so nice to not deal with exams for another 5 years.


@ Olala23- I used Exam Master and PA Easy and scored a 629, after didactic year we took Packrat and I got a 168 which I think is a reasonable correlation. I think the best approach is to do questions, esp Exam Master because they are longer and more detailed, that way after practicing doing 300 questions in a row under time constraints the PANCE will be easy. PA easy was too easy comparatively to PANCE but similar question stem length. After doing questions I would just open up a browser and looked up the answers/topics I didn't know well or missed on sites like Medscape or CDC, etc. Most of those review books don't give you enough info/specifics or might not be as up to date. And reading every topic is time consuming and you probably aren't learning anything you don't already know.


After studying this way I felt that PANCE was not difficult at all. Questions were straight forward for the most part and I had so much extra time that I felt no stress during the exam because the question stems are about half as long as EM. The ones I missed were actually easy questions that I was taught in pharm which I just couldn't remember or the "next best management" because I didn't always agree with the options on them usually I would want to refer the pt and start medication treatment at the same time. 


I walked out of that exam confident, as did two of my other classmates which is weird cause it seems on here a lot of people seem to think it was difficult. I even had over half an hour of break time that I didn't use. Maybe we got easier questions then, idk?

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The big three are cardiology, pulmonary and GI, After you feel confident in these areas I suggest to focus in Ortho, Womens Health/Peds.  Then look and study HEENT, GU, Endocrine, Neuro, Psych, Renal, Nephrology. Lastly Derm, Hematology.Infectious disease is thruout the test, asked in various areas of Pulmonary, Peds. Really know your EKGs, and Cardiac meds. Electrolytes, and your cranial nerves.  Wish you the best. Take your time studying, just pace yourself, and you will do fine.  Joanne

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