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  1. cdcd67

    Are you happy as a PA?

    To be honest, at times I question my decision about becoming a PA because I feel like I don't make much of a difference. I would consider going into something different, but I don't really want to go back to school.
  2. cdcd67

    Advice on moving to California

    What speciality are you looking into?
  3. cdcd67

    New PANRE

    Just following up, for those people who are currently doing the pilot and who have taken the PANCE before, how do you like the pilot vs the old PANCE? Was there really a difference in the way the questions are like?
  4. cdcd67

    PA job, relocating from NYC to SoCal

    Hey, I'm curious which ER do you work in? I also moved to Cali from NY and have to agree that PAs are definitely underutilized here compared to the East. I'm looking to change jobs, but it's so difficult to find jobs here too.
  5. cdcd67

    PANRE Pilot

    I agree. I rather just take it once and get it over with.
  6. cdcd67

    CAPA Conference 2018

    Ah, I was referring to the California one. Okay cool, no problem
  7. Hello! I was thinking of going to the CAPA conference this year. They don't seem to have much information on their website regarding the agenda or workshops they plan on doing. I'm just wondering if anyone's been to the CAPA conference in the past and how it was like. Was it worth the money? Thank you!
  8. Hi guys, I was thinking of attending a PANRE review conference; specifically I was looking into CME resources and certified medical educators. I was thinking of attending the 3 day conference. Has anyone been to either of these conferences? Are either of them worth the money? I saw some old posts on this but they were from a while ago and not many replies Hoping to get a better idea. Thank you!
  9. cdcd67

    An alternative to the PANRE?

    Wait, what?? I never knew that. :O
  10. cdcd67

    New PANRE option 2 exam

    I'm also looking into it I thought they were going to release a blueprint for the new PANRE, to get an idea of how much each topic is weighed. Kind of like how they have for the original PANRE, but it doesn't appear like a blueprint of any kind is coming out Maybe I could use the old blueprint... I kinda like the pilot program idea, but I'm wondering if I should just take the exam one time and get it over them rather than extending it out for 2 years...
  11. I'm curious, how many people here are deciding to take the new version of the PANRE or sticking with the old one...
  12. Thank you for the useful information Katera! I had no idea they charged you if you decided to go full time later on. So which locum agencies do you recommend?
  13. Bumping up this thread... Curious to hear about other people's locums experience
  14. Yeah getting a job in EM as a new grad can definitely be tough. What Timon is suggesting sounds great. I kind of wished I applied for a residency program when I got out of school. I feel like the training would be a lot better, especially in handling more acute patients.
  15. I've also been raised in the east coast. I'm thinking about moving to California this year. Thinking about somewhere in the suburbs, San Fran, San Diego, San Jose. It depends where I get a good job. I'm planning on doing emergency medicine. What kind of speciality are you looking into?

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