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  1. I would definitely quit in your position as well. I didn't face any legal issues. As long as you are in otherwise good terms with your boss, hopefully they will consider it. Feel your pain though.
  2. That seems sweet. If I was in Massachusetts, I would have considered it.
  3. My job has the same thing in their contract but they were okay with me quitting in less than 3 months. Likely because they know why APPs quit in the current ER I work at. (We have a high turnover rate.) In fact, when I first started, I had addressed my concerns with my boss, but he was already aware of the things I had mentioned but they were not in his control. One of the things I hate about medicine is how it just becomes a numbers game in the end. All they want is someone who can see as many patients as possible as quickly as possible. I agree with what OP wrote and try to
  4. I see. Makes sense I guess. Am curious what other career paths other people pursued. I've been looking into it. It sucks because you put in all this time, effort and money and who wants to go back to school, take on more loans just to change your career completely? Not me. I do not want to go back to school. Anyhow, I knew it was stressful from the beginning but I thought I could get through with it. Now all I can think is that I can't imagine retiring like this. Maybe I just needed to vent. Thanks to anyone who read this. If anyone completely changed career pat
  5. I don't get what's funny? Did I say something dumb?
  6. I'm curious to know if there is anyone who is unhappy being a PA and burned out by medicine in general? Hear it a lot from doctors but not so much from PAs. I've been practicing for around 6 years and I already doubt my decision to get into medical field in general. Having second thoughts about a change in line but not sure what. I would assume if anyone quit being a PA, he/she would not be active on this forum but in case they are, I'm curious. It's not so much that I hate medicine. It's just not as fulfilling as I thought it would be.
  7. Started a new PRN job in ED this year. Only worked 1 month and then never got shifts due to COVID.
  8. I'm just curious, for those who have normally done telemedicine, do you get paid per patient or per hour? For an experienced PA (>5 years), what's a decent amount to expect for telemedicine? I was quoted $10/patient for one of them.
  9. I just noticed this! I just signed and forwarded to my family and friends as well! Hoping to get more signatures!
  10. I'm kind of shocked you don't feel like you make much of a difference helping high acuity patients. And I'll keep what you said in mind. Thank you. :) Hey, yeah I actually just recently started a new job. But next job I look into, I will consider somewhere where there are no residents. Thank you. :)
  11. I don't mean to hijack this thread, but for all of you PAs handling all these high acuity patients, I was looking for some words of advice. I've been working as a PA for 5 years. My experience is a mix of IM and EM, but mostly it's EM. The problem is that all of my EM experience has been low acuity population and most of the learning I had to do was on my own. I kind of wish I did a residency when I graduated, but anyhow... I want to get more experience with higher acuity but I fear due to my lack of experience with high acuity patients, it would be difficult to land a job elsewhere
  12. Maybe you just need to try a different speciality of medicine. Like Ventana was saying, I think primary care would be great for you, especially if you want to sit down and really spend time with patients. It's not so fast paced. Also consider specializing if there is a particular field you're drawn to. I've worked as a PA for 5 years (mostly EM) and still think I suck. I just take everyday as a learning day. I don't think you should give up yet.
  13. I wouldn't worry about it. I remember when back when I took my PANCE, a lot of my classmates felt they failed, but they all ended up passing. I recently took the PANRE and thought there were some really random questions too. Also realize that the PANCE/PANRE questions are not all weighed equally (per their website) and some questions don't count towards your score (they are just test questions they are using for future exams). I would say just keep yourself preoccupied with something else in the interim it takes for your results to come back.
  14. cdcd67

    Rosh access

    Hello, wondering if anyone has ROSH for PANRE available for sale. I only need it for a week. Thank you!
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