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  1. Anyone have a sample practice agreement I can view to modify and make one for my office? I had used the old delegation of services agreement from Capa in the beginning and modified to meet our private practice needs. Thanks in advance! pw I did find one in here, but it's not able to be edited, so I guess I will need to type it. : https://www.capanet.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/Nov-Dec-19-CAPA-Magazine-Final-for-Web-11-22-19.pdf
  2. I still call it "Cali". I moved to Cali in 2000. Maybe it's more common in my area. I'm in Bakersfield, or Bako as we call it. ?
  3. I went. It was good! Nice cool weather, good CME.
  4. I wear a dress typically. No white coat. My SP doesn't wear a white coat either. We are in family medicine, private practice.
  5. It wasn't required for my program. I opted out. I work in Family Med private practice.
  6. They were good. I didn't do the PI CME as I'm still on the 6 year rotation and don't need them yet.
  7. I just reserved a room at the Palm Springs Hilton for the CAPA meeting, for October 8, 9 and 10. It's a room with two beds. Any females want to share a room and split the cost? My total cost was almost $600 including taxes, fees, etc for 3 nights. I used the CAPA code to obtain the rate. You can email me at pamelajeanwhiteley@hotmail.com or respond to this post if you are interested.
  8. And after overhead expenses, a lot of primary care docs don't make that much. http://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/health/the-doctor-cant-afford-to-be-in/ http://www.physicianspractice.com/blog/talented-physicians-forced-out-healthcare-changes
  9. My husband's job did cover me. BUT, we are separating. So I will need to find my own coverage. I don't feel I'm being taken advantage of. A good job doesn't require benefits. Many small companies don't offer benefits; that's why they are exempted (less than 10 total employees). I feel fairly compensated and fulfilled at my job and that's what matters. I have the freedom to take as many days off as I want, holiday pay, and more paid time off than I can usually use in a year. If I want lots of bennies, I would go work for a large corporation and have less voice in my practice. Small doctor's offices are a dying breed, sadly, because everyone expects too much. An interesting article: http://www.inc.com/gene-marks/why-small-company-perks-always-beat-big-company-benefits.html And another: http://smallbiztrends.com/2012/06/retain-your-employees.html To each his own.
  10. Yep malpractice is covered. It's a 1 doctor primary care office. No one in our office has those benefits. Not the doctor, not the staff. We are not tied to any organization. We are just too small to offer them.
  11. Depends on your area. I work for less than some would, but I'm happy with it based on my close relationship with my SP and a really good situation. I'm paid an hourly rate, plus a $ amount per patient. That allowed me to see less patients in the beginning while we were building our practice, plus kept my employer from going broke. As time has gone on, my patient load goes up, so does my pay. Recently my SP has mentioned he wants to "bump up" my hourly rate as well before the end of this year. Granted, a tiny office doesn't offer much in benefits. I get plenty of PTO but that's about it.
  12. I got my MMS at Saint Francis while doing my last year of clinicals in PA school. https://francis.edu/master-of-medical-science/
  13. I've seen it occur among the MAs in my office but I am mostly separated from it as the PA. My SP and I are separated from all the drama, thank God. I hate drama. I just want my staff doing what they need to be doing, working well together and not arguing about it. I think that's part of the benefit of being a provider in a small office. The staff automatically separate themselves and their drama from you, although many of them may come to you to complain about each other. I generally direct them to our manager so I can stay out of it.
  14. I'm frustrated as well. We (primary care office) work with an HMO that lost all of their contracts with endocrinologists in town. So one of my patients was sent to a telemedicine doctor to monitor his testosterone (fluctuating wildly). The patient also had well controlled DM, A1c of 6.7% on Actos only (failed metformin due to constant cramps at 500 bid) The telemedicine doc tells the patient to have some labs done regarding his testosterone, and proceeds to suggest changing his actos back to metformin and add in Januvia, saying he might handle a lower dose of the metformin. Her note states she is giving him a labslip and prescription, but she does not. She tells him to see ME to get the prescriptions and lab tests. Uh, what? I don't work for you, lady. I don't take orders from you. You want to take over his diabetes, then take it, but don't order me to change what is already working and just expect me to write your orders/prescriptions for you. I did the lab orders along with some others I needed to check anyway and kept his DM meds the same. My SP agreed with me. Ridiculous.
  15. 19. For each conviction disclosed, you must provide CERTIFIED copies of arresting agency reports and CERTIFIED copies of court documents, including a plea form and court docket and a detailed written narrative description of the incident that led to the conviction. All documents will need to be provided directly by the issuing agency to the Board. If documents were purged by arresting agency and/or court, a letter of explanation from these agencies is required. YOU ARE REQUIRED TO INCLUDE ANY CONVICTION THAT HAS BEEN SET ASIDE AND DISMISSED OR EXPUNGED, OR WHERE A STAY OF EXECUTION HAS BEEN ISSUED. 19a. Have you ever been convicted of or pled nolo contendere to any violation (including misdemeanor or felony) of any local, state, or federal law of any state, territory, country, or U.S. federal jurisdiction? This includes every citation, infraction, misdemeanor and/or felony, including traffic violations. Yes No 19b. Is any appeal related to the above pending? Yes No 19c. Have you had any conviction expunged? Yes No 19d. Have you had any conviction dismissed? Yes No 19e. Was a stay of execution issued? Yes No If YES, give details below. Violation and Location Date Penalty or disposition
  16. http://www.pac.ca.gov/forms_pubs/pa_app_package.pdf Looks like it's convictions, not traffic citations.
  17. Medical assistant and scribe. Prior to that, stay at home wife struggling with infertility.
  18. Have you guys been seeing more and more "alternative" patients coming in with the "I don't believe in medicine, but I will use anything herbal I can find" philosophy? From the essential oil fascination to the women thinking every symptom they have is because their "hormones are off", despite having normal menses and normal labs.... It's getting frustrating. When the patients go off on a tangent of their theories, I've gotten to the point I just ask "Ok, so what can I do for you? You won't take medication, so what do you need me to do for you?" One lady told me she already knew what was wrong with her (hormones are off balanced, even though my labs are normal), to which I responded "Well, what do you need me for then?" Ok, rant over... for now.
  19. Those people and the "Essentials Oil" Bandwagon get on my nerves.
  20. My doc does Hydromet (hydrocodone). I'm hesitant. Mostly I do tessalon, or promethazine with DM or promethazine with phenylephrine (for the congested coughers). Occasionally I will do promethazine with codeine.
  21. Here is a sample delegation of services agreement: http://www.capanet.org/uploadedFiles/Content/Resources/DSA2008.pdf There are different guidelines for those of us who have taken the controlled substances class than for those who have not. PAs who have not have to have preapproval for certain scheduled drugs, etc. If you take the class, only your schedule 2 drugs need to be countersigned within 7 days.
  22. Family practice also has a lot of derm... perhaps you can find a family practice gig?
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