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  1. Lollllll Thank you for the input guys.
  2. I'm just curious, for those who have normally done telemedicine, do you get paid per patient or per hour? For an experienced PA (>5 years), what's a decent amount to expect for telemedicine? I was quoted $10/patient for one of them.
  3. I just noticed this! I just signed and forwarded to my family and friends as well! Hoping to get more signatures!
  4. I'm kind of shocked you don't feel like you make much of a difference helping high acuity patients. And I'll keep what you said in mind. Thank you. :) Hey, yeah I actually just recently started a new job. But next job I look into, I will consider somewhere where there are no residents. Thank you. :)
  5. I don't mean to hijack this thread, but for all of you PAs handling all these high acuity patients, I was looking for some words of advice. I've been working as a PA for 5 years. My experience is a mix of IM and EM, but mostly it's EM. The problem is that all of my EM experience has been low acuity population and most of the learning I had to do was on my own. I kind of wish I did a residency when I graduated, but anyhow... I want to get more experience with higher acuity but I fear due to my lack of experience with high acuity patients, it would be difficult to land a job elsewhere. I work in NY, just for some reference, so in most places there are residents working and they usually take priority for any acute patients. Anyhow, I was mainly asking because so far, working as a PA doesn't feel so fulfilling to me. I figured if I can work somewhere where I am actually making a difference in someone's life, it might make things better. Any tips/advice? Consider rural EM though lack of experience with high acuity and likely need for more training?
  6. Maybe you just need to try a different speciality of medicine. Like Ventana was saying, I think primary care would be great for you, especially if you want to sit down and really spend time with patients. It's not so fast paced. Also consider specializing if there is a particular field you're drawn to. I've worked as a PA for 5 years (mostly EM) and still think I suck. I just take everyday as a learning day. I don't think you should give up yet.
  7. I wouldn't worry about it. I remember when back when I took my PANCE, a lot of my classmates felt they failed, but they all ended up passing. I recently took the PANRE and thought there were some really random questions too. Also realize that the PANCE/PANRE questions are not all weighed equally (per their website) and some questions don't count towards your score (they are just test questions they are using for future exams). I would say just keep yourself preoccupied with something else in the interim it takes for your results to come back.
  8. cdcd67

    Rosh access

    Hello, wondering if anyone has ROSH for PANRE available for sale. I only need it for a week. Thank you!
  9. cdcd67

    2019 Panre

    Oh wow, sorry to hear you didn't have such a good experience. Did you do the primary care or adult medicine version? I've heard the primary care version has lot more pediatrics in it.
  10. cdcd67

    2019 Panre

    I meant like how did you feel after the exam? You felt the questions were fair? Were you confident?
  11. cdcd67

    2019 Panre

    How did your PANRE go?
  12. Can you provide some more information on these CDs? Were the CDs your main method for studying? Were they helpful?
  13. To be honest, at times I question my decision about becoming a PA because I feel like I don't make much of a difference. I would consider going into something different, but I don't really want to go back to school.
  14. What speciality are you looking into?
  15. Just following up, for those people who are currently doing the pilot and who have taken the PANCE before, how do you like the pilot vs the old PANCE? Was there really a difference in the way the questions are like?
  16. Hey, I'm curious which ER do you work in? I also moved to Cali from NY and have to agree that PAs are definitely underutilized here compared to the East. I'm looking to change jobs, but it's so difficult to find jobs here too.
  17. I agree. I rather just take it once and get it over with.
  18. Ah, I was referring to the California one. Okay cool, no problem
  19. Hello! I was thinking of going to the CAPA conference this year. They don't seem to have much information on their website regarding the agenda or workshops they plan on doing. I'm just wondering if anyone's been to the CAPA conference in the past and how it was like. Was it worth the money? Thank you!
  20. Hi guys, I was thinking of attending a PANRE review conference; specifically I was looking into CME resources and certified medical educators. I was thinking of attending the 3 day conference. Has anyone been to either of these conferences? Are either of them worth the money? I saw some old posts on this but they were from a while ago and not many replies Hoping to get a better idea. Thank you!
  21. I'm also looking into it I thought they were going to release a blueprint for the new PANRE, to get an idea of how much each topic is weighed. Kind of like how they have for the original PANRE, but it doesn't appear like a blueprint of any kind is coming out Maybe I could use the old blueprint... I kinda like the pilot program idea, but I'm wondering if I should just take the exam one time and get it over them rather than extending it out for 2 years...
  22. I'm curious, how many people here are deciding to take the new version of the PANRE or sticking with the old one...
  23. Thank you for the useful information Katera! I had no idea they charged you if you decided to go full time later on. So which locum agencies do you recommend?
  24. Bumping up this thread... Curious to hear about other people's locums experience
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