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Advice on supplemental application essays

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I'm currently finishing up my supplemental applications and I was just curious if anyone on here had tips on what type of things the ADCOMs are looking for. Also, are there any additional resources for getting info other than the program's website. In all honesty, I've chosen most of the schools that I'm applying to based off their location (somewhere both my fiancé and I can be happy living) and their PANCE pass rates, but I don't feel like that's a very compelling reason as far as they're concerned. Also, I don't want to simply scan their website for the program's values and mission and then sound as if I am just regurgitating all of that. I also feel as if I did a really good job selling my self on my CASPA narrative, but I don't want to just repeat


So, in summary, what type of things are generally viewed positively/negatively on supplemental essays? And are there any resources for getting valuable program information other than the websites? Thanks in advance!

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An essay is a chance to show yourself to be something other than a transcript and test grades. I wouldn't use it to parrot back a school's own values. Tell them something about you and your goals that will stick out and represent you well. Don't get weird, but be yourself.


If they don't accept you, let it because you were "you" and not because you tried to tell them what you think they want to hear. Not a bad life lesson, by the way; you will regret you sins of commission way less than you sins of omission.


Good luck!

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I was in the same boat, I looked up schools on Facebook and tried to contact students or alumni to see what they liked about the program and weighed that against my values. I also looked up the school on other sites such as tumblr or student blogs just to get a better feel for the community and the school overall.

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