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  1. I am trying to evaluate a program that I have an interview at. The program is in a great location for me and has a great PANCE pass rate however the program is associated with a specific healthcare organization and all of the rotations are done through the one company. The company has different facilities but they are all in the same area. My question is, how important do you feel it is to have widespread rotations - both geographically (I have one school that does rotations all over the state) and with different organizations).
  2. They had 2 sessions on my interview day, a morning and an afternoon. Each session had about 15 to 20 people in it. During your session they further split the group up into 2.
  3. I'm in the process of trying to decide on a program to attend. I have 2 options and they are pretty different programs however one thing I noticed was the lack of a pathophys course in one of the programs. At first I thought maybe it was just listed under another name. The closest thing they have to it is a Human Phys course. I'm pretty sure this course is specifically for PA students but the course description is not too similar to the pathophys course descriptions I've read. My question is, how important is pathophys? I don't plan on this being a deal breaker but as I have no frame o
  4. I'm in that boat now and after talking to my support system, they all suggested I do the same thing: give them the deposit and go from there. My deposit is $600 at the school I was accepted at and one particular person made an interesting point. He told me that there is a 6-8 month difference in program start times (the school that wants me starts in January, the ones I have interviews with start in May or August). Worst comes to worst I will have to throw away $600 which actually isn't too bad because I make far more than $600 in a 6-8 month period.
  5. I have an interview for the same day but I also have an acceptance letter from another school who wants my deposit by the 15th...not a fan of dilemmas...
  6. I was in the same boat, I looked up schools on Facebook and tried to contact students or alumni to see what they liked about the program and weighed that against my values. I also looked up the school on other sites such as tumblr or student blogs just to get a better feel for the community and the school overall.
  7. It really doesn't take that long...you can start your narrative now and start to make a document with all your HCE and community service and extra-curriculars. The part that takes the longest is putting the classes in but really devote a couple days to get it all done and you'll be fine.
  8. I was verified May 23rd, email confirming receipt June 13th.
  9. I've applied but I'm not anticipating anything with this school. They have failed to email me back, call me back, or provide me with any information. Also I already have an acceptance letter so I guess it's their loss. Good luck to you all though!
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