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  1. I submitted my application on September 12 and as of two weeks ago I still hadn't heard anything back. I e-mailed Connie to ask her about it and she said that my application was still being reviewed, and that there had been a delay due to committee members attending a national conference, along with a large influx of October applications. She said that she expected to have my file back within the next week or so, however I've yet to hear anything else. It's definitely tough waiting, but it's at least good to know that it's still being reviewed. Hope this helps!
  2. Just as a follow-up. I got ahold of Naisha last week and found out that the school e-mailed me on October 16 to say that they were reviewing my application, and then again on October 17 to invite me to submit the supplemental app. However, I never got either e-mail, and because of the 30 day deadline following the initial invitation, I had to scramble to get my supplemental essays in within two days, which was rough, but much better than missing out completely. So remember guys, ALWAYS MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE YOUR SPAM FILTERS TURNED OFF.
  3. Thanks a lot for the response. Searching around on here I found a couple people who said it took 8 weeks to receive an invite to submit the supplemental, so that's awesome that it only took 2 weeks for you. I've decided that if I don't hear something within the next week I'll try to give them a call and see if they'll give me any information. Thanks again and good luck with the school you interviewed at!
  4. 17 views and no responses. Would anyone mind just letting me know how long of a wait they had between submitting their initial application and being invited to submit their supplemental? Thanks in advance.
  5. I'm really starting to wonder why I haven't heard anything about submitting my supplemental application, and I'm looking for some feedback. My stats aren't great, but I feel like they're definitely competitive enough to reward me a shot at a supplemental. My cumulative GPA is 3.33 and my science GPA is a 3.42. I've also got nearly 5,000 hours of HCE (2,000+ of which is working with the underserved), along with 1,000+ hours working for a cutting edge telemedicine company. All of the people who wrote me LORs (MD I shadowed in the ER and worked for at telemedicine company, NP I worked under as a telemetry tech, and the head of the biology department at the school I graduated from) e-mailed me copies outside of CASPA, and they all came across as very impressive, so I know that isn't an issue. I submitted my application at the beginning of September, so it's been nearly 8 weeks. Touro was my #1 target, and I just can't understand why I haven't heard back yet. Am I just being impatient? Does it usually take this long? Would it be okay to contact them and ask about the status of my application? Like I said, just feeling kind of at a loss right now, so I'd appreciate ANY feedback. Thanks guys.
  6. I'm pretty well set as far as HCE is concerned, so it sounds like I'm good. I just didn't want to run into a situation where a program contacted the job only to find out that I didn't work there anymore. Thanks for the input.
  7. I've got all my applications in and I've decided to accept a new job offer, how do I handle this? Do I need to contact all of the programs I've applied to and inform them?
  8. It would look best to get the MD or PA. If you've spent plenty of time alongside the MD caring for patients, and he isn't a dick, I see no reason not to ask him.
  9. Several of the schools that I've applied to have sent me e-mails stating that they have reviewed my application and that I am still under consideration. However, there are a few schools who have sent me no correspondence since initially confirming that they had received all of my materials. I feel that my stats are competitive, but for one of the schools I've applied to I know that they've contacted several applicants telling them that they are still under consideration, however I haven't heard anything. I've seen on some of the individual school forums where applicants have said that they contacted the schools to see if they are still being considered; is this an acceptable thing to do? I don't want to come off as annoying, but at the same time I'd prefer to know that I'm out of the running now, rather than waiting around for months to end up never hearing anything. Any advice would be appreciated. If it's not out of line to contact them, how should I word my inquiry? Thanks in advance for any advice or opinions!
  10. That was my thought. If they truly didn't take you seriously as a candidate, regardless of your major, they never would have extended you an invitation to interview.
  11. I'm in the process of applying to schools and I'm not getting enough hours at my current job as a mental health tech/CNA. I've been offered a job as an EKG tech working at the same hospital, but it is full-time, and as much as I'd like to stay on at both jobs, I'm not too sure about working five 12-13 hour shifts per week. I'm considering giving up the mental health tech job, however I've only been there for a little over a year and I'm not sure how programs will view that. Any input is greatly appreciated, thanks.
  12. Knowing the divorce rate and offering suggestions on what could be done to improve it may not have anything to do with PA school, but it does show them that you have digested the course material and that you are able to apply critical thinking towards it. Not saying the rudeness was necessary, but I can understand why they would want to see you answer questions of such nature.
  13. For some reason my school isn't part of the prerequisite database. However, I talked to The admission's counselor and got an answer. They are allowing me to use English composition I to satisfy the college English requirement and then technical writing to satisfy the English composition requirement... Can't say it makes a ton of sense, but it's great news nonetheless. Thanks for the feedback guys!
  14. The prerequisite course sheet for Western is by far the most rigid that I've filled out and I've got a ton of questions concerning courses. I've been in touch with Mr. Haverkamp, but I feel bad continuing to ask him question after question regarding the prereqs, so I wanted to see if I could get some feedback on here. I know the sheet asks for a college english and an english composition taken in sequence, however the school I attended wasn't set up like this. I did however take an english composition I followed by english composition II, along with several college level englishes, such as technical writing. Will this suffice? If so, which combination? Thanks in advance for any feedback.
  15. As someone who works as a mental health tech while in the process of applying to schools, I can testify firsthand that this is exactly what happens with the nurses on the unit. I've actually heard them having conversations about how they only desire to work in psych due to how easy it is. Their only direct interaction with patients is passing out meds, yet they are the ones reporting to the psych doctors; the entire system is an absolute mess IMO.
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