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  1. Keep the faith everyone! Many people get off the waitlist! I for one did last year!
  2. Question: So how long should a supplemental application be if there was no limit given?
  3. Here is a place so we can discuss the program and the different stages of admissions we get to.
  4. Kdubby2

    Classes question!

    Hello! I'm finishing out my junior year. Currently I'm taking microbiology and that'll be done and I'll be able to request my transcript may 11. Should I go ahead and send my current transcript minus the micro now to CASPA so they can go ahead and start verifying or wait? I'm applying to SEVERAL rolling admission programs. Also, I'll be taking A&P 1&2 this summer so will I just send the transcript for those courses to the individual schools? CASPA won't update that for me correct?
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