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How competitive am I?

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This is my first application cycle, and I'm also wondering if I'm competitive. Any feedback would be appreciated.


I got my BS in psychology in 2000, so long ago. I'm 36 years old. I've got 2 kids and took time to stay at home with them. As you can see my undergrad GPA is not good.



BCP- 2.576

Science- 2.924

Non science- 3.345

Total- 3.182


Expected combined after done with postgrad pre-reqs (4.0 GPA).

BCP- 3.277

Science- 3.379

Non science- 3.397

Total- 3.387


I took my GRE a few weeks ago and got:


Verbal: 159

Quantitative: 155

Writing: 4.5


I've worked as a medical assistant for the last 4 years and have well over 2000 patient care hours. I do not have a medical assistant certification. I've also been working as a dual-role practice manager for the same practice (solo orthopaedic surgeon).


I have good letters, one from the PA in the above mentioned ortho practice, one from a family practice physician that I've shadowed, and one from the president of a non-profit that I co-founded. I have quite a few volunteer hours for this non-profit as well as some other volunteer hours.


I'm thinking of getting my CNA certificate as well as basic life support but haven't as of yet.


I am only applying to Nova Orlando due to my husbands job and our inability to relocate.


Am I competitive, or is my undergrad GPA an app killer? Is my GRE enough to help with that? I've done better than that on practice exams. What more should I be doing?





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Check with NOVA Orlando (possibly on their web site.) They should be able to tell you what their minimum stats are and the range of stats for the most recent class. That's more important than what we think. BTW, your stats, alone, would not keep you from getting interviews at most of the Texas schools, but since you aren't interested....Check with NOVA.


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