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  1. Do you know how they determine wait list position? is it ranked or at random?
  2. From my understanding ~51 slots have been filled Two more interviews this month, then two more interviews in February (then two interviews per month till classes start) so they are keeping slots open for the people who get accepted during those dates. I am guessing after that if any slots are open they will rank the alternate list and just go down the list. I am curious if anyone has been taken of the wait list yet.
  3. Does anyone know if they will look at the alternate list before the middle of January?
  4. does anyone know if we will still hear anything from them or is everyone at nova on Christmas break?
  5. Before these forums were reset there was a thread from earlier application years, interviews go all the way till May. A handfull of people interviewed in March and April that got in. I wouldn't sweat it, just hang tight.
  6. Meagan when did you have your interview? The High alternate status will definitely help; I was told by Claudia that they take people of the alternate list all the time, but I was under the impression it would be closer to the time before classes start (somewhere in Q1 2014)
  7. Ok please let us know what she says, I would be interested in doing the same as I am also waiting to hear from my 1st choice schools, I would rather stay at home and save a lot of money on rent.
  8. I am putting down my deposit soon, but I really am rooting for Orlando, would rather go on that coast. If I get in there ill relinquish my spot here.
  9. Something is amiss for sure though, the group on Sept 16ths was told that we would hear about admission in October due to the committee meeting at that time and not earlier, but it seems there is a discrepancy because some people already heard the answer.
  10. Yes the group interview is new, but don't stress about it, its straightforward relaxed.
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