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  1. Yup, ASAP. One of my ER PA coworkers is currently hospitalized with Covid. I’ve seen previously healthy 20-somethings get intubated. No thank you to that. I’ll gladly take the shot and the risks associated.
  2. AAPA should absolutely make statements against racism, at a bare minimum. There are things all organizations can do to help make systemic and cultural changes that help lift up POC and address the inequities in our world. Health care as a profession needs to address our internal problems and treatment of BIPOC within our profession, ourselves, and our patients. The disparities within these systems and cultures and thoughts should be challenged and reformed. It is not enough to be neutral when people are being oppressed and murdered. As a white woman, I know that I have privilege. I know that
  3. Central Florida small semi-rural/suburban ER. It’s been weird. Census is/was way down. Yesterday, I was pretty slammed for most of the day, then ghost town. For now, they are scrambling and our shifts are changing rapidly, they are reduced from 12-11 hours right now, but they expect us to leave a bit earlier and reflect that on our times. Some people are afraid, others still coming in for stupid crap. One of my favorite nurses is also a medic on fire/rescue, and they are nearly forcing people without true emergencies to stay away. Typical protocols are out the window and changing rapidly. Up
  4. I don’t know about you, but I think we can all agree that we should be praxicians! [emoji849][emoji51] Sigh. Team Medical Practioner here AND team I want our profession to succeed and thrive.
  5. Imposter syndrome is a reality for almost everyone, and if you don’t feel like you’re winging it, then maybe you are too confident? A little fear is a good thing. It helps you to not miss something. You were in a bad environment. Really think about what you want to do. What drew you to ER in the first place? Procedures? Consider interventional rads. Variety? Consider primary care. There are lots of specialties out there. Lots of schedules. You can do this. Medicine can be brutal, and you aren’t a failure. You aren’t broken. The system is. Good luck.
  6. I applied. Made it to the interview. They accepted 4 out of a hundred or so. 25 interviewed. At least one was an internal candidate. I was crushed when I didn’t make it. I’ll try again next year.
  7. Thanks. I’ll start looking for hospital-based positions. Strict hospitalist? Is there another specific field I should look closely at? Most seem to be nocturnist hospitalist jobs around here, and even those are hard to come by. The job market here is rough.
  8. Hey all. I graduated PA school in 2017 and have been working in family medicine. I’ve been trying, to no avail to get into ER since graduation. When I did my ER rotations, my clinical site promised me a job, but that job didn’t happen. Their group was bought out by a new larger corporate group. It seems that every ER in my area is run by these large national companies. All of these companies require at least a year of dedicated ER experience. It seems like the urgent care centers also want at least a year. I’ve seen some postings asking for a minimum of 5 years. I live in Central Florida an
  9. I emailed and tweeted my representative in FL. No response yet. She’s not on the committee, but I asked her to speak with members of the committee. I did steal some of the language from a FAPA Facebook post, but felt it was better to have something anyway and they wouldn’t mind.
  10. I will not certify medical necessity for disability or disabled parking permits for most requests, especially things like arthritis which might benefit from exercise and weight loss and parking further away. I will not certify emotional support animals. I do not refer to chiropractors, ever. I will refer to ortho or PT.
  11. https://www.flsenate.gov/Session/Bill/2019/00821/?Tab=BillHistory Bill was passed by the house. Is before the Senate.
  12. As a Florida PA, I’m encouraged by this direction. This bill has been all over commercials, but only for NPs. I’m curious as to what changed to put PAs on the bill as well, but I hope this goes somewhere. It would really be nice to actually be ahead of the curve here. I don’t know if FAPA was involved, and I can see nothing about their involvement. I am ticked that PAs make the bill “less appealing.”
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