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2013-2014 Cycle

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Hey all, I ended up being accepted to Hofstra (REALLY late) and decided to attend. I'd like to join the Facebook group or something to network with you all a little, but I can't seem to be able to even look at it. Do I need to be invited?

This is really funny... "REALLY late"... its funny because...





I received interviews from 7/8 schools.  Hofstra was the one exception which was VERY SURPRISING.  


Woke up this morning with a message from a Ms. Gia Raponi who, in MAY, OFFERs AN INTERVIEW.  She honestly seemed flustered, like she just saw my file or something... "Hi, uhhh, please give me a call back as soon as you can, if you are still interested in Hofstra. We would like to offer you an interview as soon as possible."...


LMAO.  I might just call her back and schedule one because this is obviously a joke.  Good job Hofstra.  *Golf Clap*






YOU FAIL HOFSTRA...  lmao.  

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