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  1. Has anybody heard anything for better or worse about interviews, rejections or acceptances? Any information about their interview timeline, time between submitting and interviews, etc? I submitted CASPA and UB supplemental a few weeks ago, just waiting to hear back now!
  2. I've was rejected in the past as well. Yours is definitely a strong essay. I read lots of them on here, and yours is certainly one of the better ones (in my opinion, of course). I'm writing just to give you a boost - I don't have much constructive feedback to offer, other than to say that if there decision were up to me, I'd definitely want to interview to you learn more. Good luck!
  3. @wutthechris: My life circumstances didn't permit me to take more than the 1 science class. However, I am currently enrolled in a bachelor science nursing program, and if I don't get in this cycle, will have 45 science credits of A's to add to my application. This cycle is my "take a chance" one - next cycle is the one I'm counting on. @primadonna: Why am I "just the kind of applicant DO schols snatch up"? I don't want to be a doctor, but what lumps me into the DO vs PA category? If anything, I saw myself as a more PA friendly applicant rather than DO. Additionally, are there any PA schools that offer grade replacement?
  4. Hi folks, I applied this past cycle to 11 places, mostly in the northeast, and didn't get a single interview. So, I'm back again this year. Here are my stats for this coming cycle: Undergrad GPA (from 5 years ago): 2.71 Post-Baccalaureate GPA: 3.66 overall (with 3.57 BCP GPA from 34 credits) HCE: 1300 hours paid Emergency Room Technician 900 hours volunteer and paid EMT 240 paid CNA hours doing private home care Total: 2440 HCE hours I also have PA shadowing, undergraduate research experience, volunteering, a year of Americorps community service, etc. I won't go through each and every one of these things. My personal statement talks about my upbringing on a reservation in South Dakota, and how I want to work as a PA doing rural care for the Indian Health Service. My advisers said my PS was absolutely top-notch and I don't want to change a word of it, other than to include the past year of work experience and 1 science class I took. My main question: Is there anything else I can do to SHOW that I took big strides to improve my application from last year. Since being rejected last cycle, I started working 48 hours a week as an ER tech (and getting awesome experience and exposure doing it), took a senior capstone biology course and got an A, and continued shadowing PAs. I also enrolled in a bachelor's degree nursing program and am getting A's, but probably won't have the transcripts in time to include them with my CASPA application because I want to send my application out with the first or second mailing. I know my undergrad GPA is low - is it too low to overcome? Everybody I have talked to, including practicing PAs, MDs, and my adviser, think that I HAD great chances of getting into programs, but clearly that wasn't the case this past cycle. I want to be a physician assistant more than anything else, but I am financially maxed out and can only apply this cycle and MAYBE one more after that. Any thoughts, comments or advice will be much appreciated! Phil
  5. Has anybody heard from the program in the last 3-4 days?
  6. Kareng08 - No, they didn't give a reason why. I just checked their website again and I suspect it was because I didn't have an upper division biology class other than biochemistry. They list this is a requirement. I wanted to throw the app out just to see what happened. I'm not really surprised at this one. Also, I'm not sure if my application even made it in front of a committee because I received a response less than two weeks after submitting. The email I received might have been one of those "weed out" style rejections because I didn't have all of the prereqs necessary to send the app to committee. That's just my thought. Hope all goes well with you. Phil
  7. It sounds like they are currently contacting candidates who submitted with the first and second batch of CASPA mailings. I submitted my supplemental materials about a week ago and still haven't heard anything (not surprised, just saying).
  8. Hi Folks, I received a rejection email from Hofstra today. This was for the current cycle. If it helps, I submitted my application to them about two weeks ago, so at least I got a pretty quick turnaround. For anybody else applying, I had all of the required prereqs but didn't have one or two of the suggested prereqs, so I'm wondering if this made a huge difference in my application. Good luck to all of those applying! Phil
  9. Jerricaw - UB doesn't require the GRE. Everybody else: Has anybody received a rejection letter yet? UB is my first choice. I got the confirmation email saying my supplemental was received 11 days ago. Still waiting to hear! Congrads to all those who have already gotten phone calls! Phil
  10. I submitted my supplemental materials yesterday, July 8th. I'm hoping to hear back either way by September 1st.
  11. For those of you who have received invites or rejections, what was the approximate time period between UB receiving your supplemental application and hearing back? From the above posts it sounds like 6-8 weeks. Did anybody hear in a shorter time frame than this?
  12. Undergrad Ed School: Creighton University, BA - Native American Studies, minor in International Relations Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 2.93 Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.53 Post Bachelor GPA: 3.66 Age at application time : 25 1st GRE: Taking it tomorrow! Direct Patient Care : (type & hours) Volunteer EMT - 720 hours, Paid EMT Crew Chief - 40 hours and counting, Paid CNA - 40 hours and counting Extracurricular/Research Activities: Microbiology Independent Research - 90 hours, Americorps Volunteer - 1500+ hours, 1 Native American Studies research publication as co-author, 35 hours of shadowing PA in veterans administration urology clinic Schools Applied: Tufts, Pace, Franklin Pierce, University of Bridgeport, MCPHS, Northeastern, St. Johns, Hofstra, A.T. Still, Johnson and Wales. I may apply to 2-3 more schools. Application Submitted Date: June 28th Schools Received Application Date: (approximate date): July 5th Interview Invites: Waiting Denied: Waiting Withdrew Application: Waiting Waitlisted: Waiting Accepted: Waiting Attempts: First
  13. Hi folks - I used to live in Bridgeport. Bridgeport is a city undergoing a renaissance. Honestly, there are only two areas in all of Bridgeport that I WOULDN'T live in...the rest of the city is perfectly safe, and reasonably cheap, as long as you use common sense. One of the areas I wouldn't live is the neighborhood immediately surrounding UB. There are some new condo/apartment developments that are actually quite nice and right down the street from UB. However, besides these gems, the neighborhood on the whole is quite dangerous. I actually considered buying one of these condos...they are gated buildings and offer loft-stye living. Besides the south end where UB is, other good neighborhoods in Bridgeport include Black Rock (probably too expensive for PA students on a budget) and the North End (less gentrified, more to "do", less expensive). Additionally, St. Vincent's hospital is in the north end of Bridgeport. I work as an EMT in the area and see UB PA students on rotations in the ER at St. Vincent's. They have said nothing but good things about UB's program. I am applying to UB's PA institute for this cycle. UB received my supplemental application today and I received a confirmation within a few hours. Now the waiting game begins! If I attend UB, I will most likely find an apartment in the north end or live with my brother in Black Rock. Feel free to contact me with any questions you have about Bridgeport as a city and a place to live - I'm a very big fan of the Park City! Good luck to all applying! Phil
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