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  1. went to Dublin after I interviewed for the spot on Skype. They have classes for PA but no licenses the gov has not approved the law. I just got back from Ireland on July 12th 2017 ... ive been told months to years
  2. my friend who is a PA is in jail right now calling me asking me to find out how this will affect her license. She was in a fight with her domestic partner and hit her- they both hit each other. I have been looking online. I know that she will have to answer for herself but I cant tell if that is jumping through hoops and doing the work, or if it is she cant practice again. She is in Montana. Thanks
  3. I hired a woman and to be honest nearly crapped myself when she said that. I paid off 27k in student loans that year. So I lived quite cheaply. ( I can't claim married my husband is not American, he is Irish - no TIN no SSN - no deductions) When I spoke to other locums NONE of them have said they pay these taxes that the employer would have paid. Im sure something is wrong. I am going to be making some phone calls tomorrow. Thanks all
  4. Hello I am working as a locum, and the amount of taxes I am paying is crippling. 49k in 2015 on 108k gross. What can I do to reduce this? I still owe 15k from last year and have not even started paying this year yet. I am married but I can't file that way, I have no kids and my home is in Ireland. I am not living expensive, I don't even have my own shower. I live in a campground to pay the student loans and taxes back as fast as I can. ANY advice would help Thank you
  5. I hope you didnt do it, that pay deal was horrible
  6. They give you a print out when you leave when to expect, then when you sign on to NCCPA and look for your results it shows the date to expect. I got mine about 4 days before the stated date. passed ! :D
  7. Results today PASSED :D
  8. I have a house and husband in Dublin, sign me up
  9. I would look at tattoo artists, they do 3D tattoos, I am unsure if they offer a course to us, but I think its a great idea. I am here trying to find where to get a class on Botox injections in WA state. Good luck to you.
  10. we need a sub topic for Ireland - a program just started in Dublin, and they have PA in North IE also.
  11. you can work all over, just don't count on getting paid well. I am American and I have been waiting for PA to Go to Dublin, ( where my husband and I have a home) the pay is 1/3 of USA wages. I would not be looking to go there, if my husband would just come to America, but he is freaked out about all the news about us all hating immigrants. - to work in the EU you need to find the job first. then start the paperwork which can take up to six months. When I was in Dublin I went to Scotland for Ortho spot and - the pay is less than an RN in the states.
  12. I listened to the podcast a lot, I took the PANRE today. They seemed to ask the same question 3 times, and did that with another question 2 more times. Some of the Answers I knew because of my paramedic background and I don't recall my class ever covering this. Also They had a question regarding a surgical approach that I am not sure a PAC can even do.? I have horrible anxiety and when I got there ...they rejected letting me take it because they had the wrong last name. The NCCPA has told them this multiple times in the last year. After the stress of that, I didn't feel stressed for the exam. I wouldn't say it was easy for me, but it didn't feel hard. I got most of my questions done early and marked some I was also unsure on. I reviewed some and - I also think they gave one trick question that I am kinda pissed about , bc I didn't think that was supposed to be the NCCPA style. I wont know for 2 weeks. I don't know what to think. ( Most all of my experience is in Urgent Care and FP) - maybe that helped.
  13. thank you, I take the PANRE tomorrow, and get bad anxiety. I failed the PANCE twice by 1 point. I do well on home tests but tend to do poorly when I'm trying hard. I looked at what you said, and realized once I got past that fear, I scored really well. Reading this is helping me go into the PANRE tomorrow with more confidence.
  14. I take my exam tomorrow. I used the NCCPA book, and for practice tests. it was only about 65 bucks and came with a lot of stuff. I also get headaches when it rains, and am just off a locum on the coast, and I get eye problems with the screen comes with a podcast ( I don't use iTunes so I can only listen on the pc) - but this lets me fold laundry or do dishes while not putting strain on my eyes. I also listen to the PA podcast by Brian Wallace - dang this site will never let me put a link on just google physician assistant exam review - you will find it, The Nccpa site says I will have to wait about 2 weeks to know if I passed. I have been doing family medicine the last year, but I don't see kids do to ptsd ( ex-paramedic) so I am 16 and up. I worry about that ,and the obgyn as my last place all ref out. I am getting in the high 60s ( 68%) at my worst and low 80's ( 81%) on the pa life practice exams. I am past my deadline and am on a 2nd extension. I have severe test anxiety so I am horrified. My locum was a nightmare. My car was shot, I had a stalker, Ive had to move 3 times in 1 year, a RN died, - anything that could have gone wrong did. I cant study for an exam and be called down the hall at the hotel by the management to do CPR in another room, and walk my dog with a stun gun, then chill out to learn some medicine. Currently I am in a camp ground in hiding from the stalker / ex patient. I didn't want to take the time to move when I needed that time to study. I hope I pass. I am very stressed out. I get the worst scores in the morning when I am really trying and worried about passing. Now I take a test at 10pm when I am so tired I don't give a shit anymore and I cant even see - I get an 81%, I know its stress. I have not seen my husband in 3 years because he is in Ireland ( I'm American , He is Irish) I came back to America to pay off my student loans. I'm scared not passing means I wont see him for even longer ( he cant visit, my father in law has cancer) .... so ya know , no pressure... ha ha (EDIT - PASSED PANRE)
  15. broken link