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  1. rookiejay

    New grad Derm Offer

    dont do it
  2. rookiejay

    Need Help Please Advise

    things got bad, or from bad to worse. they would never let me have time off for my own md apt, finally, i get in at the end of the day. my normal 90/60 was 178/90!!! I said no way that machine is broken, get another, still high 160's/90's. Doc offers me Xanax does some labs said ' quit your job', so I tell my boss via txt that im getting high bp when im stressing out. The next day Im triple booked after I told mgr im going to need to slow down a little. I had chest pain and shortness of breath through the am, but tried to power through. The regional manager rolled her eyes at me and said '' its always something with you'' and demanded a Dr note so I would be allowed to slow down for chest pain. I had 15 min of a 1-hour lunch left. I tried to get the note but my Doc said No come in now, why are you even there? I said they won't even let me slow down. So when I went inside the Mgr and Regional went to lunch, ( the owner is Txting me while on phone w/ my MD about im trying to destroy him and he is going to the board and his lawyers) its now 1pm and the first patient is screaming because her chart notes are gone - yes 90 days and counting of unreliable messed up ehr- and I cant breathe, the chest pain is getting worse and I am worried about my bp. I ask the girls to take it. WE DONT HAVE A BP CUFF IN THE OFFICE !!!! I cant tell is this anxiety or is this AMI? Im almost 50 it could be the real thing. I call my Mgr on the phone and ask can I please go see my MD he is telling me to come now, I cant breathe my chest hurts. ... She says yes yes , go go , I ask for an email or txt that said this is ok. She went silent for 5 min, then I get a message I have to call the owner/ boss and his assistant first to get permission to go... ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! I could see the fear in the eyes of my MA so I called 911 for myself and spend 6 hours in the ER, I got a Dr note that says I am allowed to see the DR. I had a follow up with my own MD, my TSH >150, my Thyroid Antibodies >1000, Iron 15L, He made me take a week off work got my thyroid going again, gave me WAY more Ativan than I needed. I slept this last week, now its Friday. The Company Lawyer is telling me that my contract is 4 years. I have had 2 MA quit without notice one when system 1st went down and another last Monday when they were '' collecting statements'' about me, and a front desk girl who just returned after 3 weeks leave related to stress. So it is not just me. I have like 3k to my name, I put a lot into coming here. I don't really have money for a lawyer. I'm scared. Im being bulled for sure. I think he thinks I want money from him, I don't I just want to get as far away from him and his shitty clinics ASAP. So I told that to his lawyer this afternoon and I am waiting to hear back if I am fired, or taken to court or turned into the board. I said I did not want to fight, but if he puts it in that direction, I will fight back. I saved tons of stuff on my phone the treats and months of systems down ehr problems. I can't believe this is really happening. Honestly, If I heard this story I would think, it cant be true. But it is, Some shady cheap clinics to do just enough to get by and hope nothing goes wrong or they get caught. I have a friends friend who is a lawyer from another state look at the contract, but that is as good as it gets for me.
  3. rookiejay

    Need Help Please Advise

    I quit on the 31st of last month and by June 6th they were threatening to suspend or fire me. I dont get it, then they also want me to change my mind and stay. I have a lawyer looking at the 180 day outclause. on that other job I went to the WA DOH, and they did nothing, 2 yrs later im told im in an investigation for over Rx at that clinic, and I had to send my saved emails to them and say yes I told you about this 2 yrs ago. My pill bottle was years old and had been scooped up along with others. As far as I know that place is still open. You would be shocked when you do go through the right path. Im not asking for pitty, I just wanted a place where the people I spoke with understood the situation and might have been through something similar. I was behind on charts at the pain clinic bc the syncromed II pump was under recall and it involved doing those, and I had charts left to do the day that patient punched my nurse. ( fyi that place kept my last paycheck ) The woman who ran our med school and helped write the book '' PA a guide to clinical practice'' I called her and she said " get the F out now and call 911 if they try to stop you'', This was years ago, now I find myself in a bad spot. She has retired and does more travel work, and I just didn't have anyone who would understand. The way other providers might.
  4. rookiejay

    Need Help Please Advise

    is 700 charts behind and yes its still messed up and even if i quit today i still am obligated to finish the charts. I had this once before at a place that a patient punched my nurse in the face and threatened to return with a gun and kill me, and the MD would not fire him as a patient. So I quit, then I had to go back and work for free while i finished the charts, I cant afford to go. I guess I was hoping someone would tell me , does a legal threshold of days a system can be down before the company is negligent exist?
  5. rookiejay

    Need Help Please Advise

    we have scribes they are terrible on top of the ehr failure, and in no way would i get any admin time, i had to work on a no weigh bearing break in my foot, for a month, had to go to the urgent care on the weekend, ive , and i was told i can get my root canal that day, on all the issues ive gone to my mgr the regional and the personal assistant to the owner, and no.
  6. rookiejay

    Need Help Please Advise

    Today EMA the system we used started signing the charts for 3 of today's patients. I notified the manager and she said it was happening at all the clinics ( we have about 30 of them in 3 states), when I looked one chart was signed at 1022 am while my ma was trying to enter the hpi, and I was in a room doing a bx. MY NAME !! just like I signed it. !! Ive been told to be patient and calm down,,, enough! When I tried to talk to the admin the tone and words used you would have thought I was crying over a broken nail! We noticed that charts that were pending, that those were also signed, and a new name I have never seen before. new line added I went into the room did x, y, z, that she Personally was in the room with provider my name, and treatment is MIPS : Null when I told the admin they said '' oh she is not even at work today we called Ema but they are not answering'' I said putting my name there is fraud, that you cant forge my name. They said send us a list of names when I mentioned that the back charts from MARCH are being signed also, they didnt seem to care. They acted like it was no big deal. Then I got a txt that said the charts should be fixed by 2pm tomorrow. I cant chart I feel like I am drowning, even if i could walk out tomorrow im still obligated to finish this turd pile, so im trapped.
  7. rookiejay

    Need Help Please Advise

    the problem is we have MA scribes who are supposed to do the EHR, the system is off and on, I have paper charts, but I have to tell the MA the basic stuff for HPI, they do about 1/3rd of their work. so I have the paper charts, No way they will give me charting time. I have gone to the admin regarding my contract and everything and they tell me to ask someone else who sends me to someone else. This is like a Chain Derm clinic in 3 states. I plan on going to a lawyer and trying to get out of the contract. Now I have such little time with all the charting I have to drop off laundry and have someone else wash my clothes. That has not happened for almost 40 years. So I chart all the time, and now charts in March that are complete and just needed to be signed are now showing up if IU signs them they cant bill. I have a pissed off mom of an 18 yo with shingles, she is now complaining about me because she doesn't understand shingles is NOT an STD. The paper for the visit is blank as MA didn't do the paper or the EHR, its been since April 20th and now the office lost some of the paperwork to scan into the chart. Patients are quitting the practice because they don't get their Rx for weeks if ever, as the MA don't add the pharmacy. All the while the owner/ med director is sending emails about how the cosmetic sales have to go up 45%. How can I stand there to sell your personal creme if I'm behind in charts? I'm expected to see 50 a day and I said no more than 30 when we cant chart. I talk to my manager and my district manager and the personal assistant to the owner and I only get excuses. I feel like they are obligated to have a working ehr for the clinic, how long is too long for systems down. I've never had more than a day or two at best.
  8. I need some advice I have been in derm 6 mo, PA 10 yrs Medicine 25 yrs I had a contract M-F no weekends no call at one clinic they tried to force me to work at 3 clinics and i said no and now its 2 they are now going to make all of us take call, no additional amounts of money they ehr has been down for TWO MONTHS i am at least 600 charts behind i feel like im having a panic attack daily on the charts, i have MA who dont listen and dont finish work the clinic doesnt have what it runs adds for ie lasers and botox etc I buy my own office supplies gloves, my own woods lamp etc then , the owner is prone to calling and screaming at you and its boarding on verbal abuse. i feel so trapped, 3 1/2 years left on the contract. any advice would be helpful, the ehr is still not fixed. IDK what to do J
  9. rookiejay

    Training salaries in Derm

    I'm at 50% of my base for 2 to 3 mo to train in LA with some outstanding MD's. I am overjoyed to do so. I think it also depends on where you are in life. I've done FP/UC for 9 years, and I am ready to move on. Not thrilled with the low pay, but the training I am getting would have cost me more than what I am losing. Then I transition to my own clinic and leave LA for another town to work. For some people, this might have been a deal breaker. I compared my contract to some of the job offer posts, and it was better than most. I've only 3 more weeks in FP. I'm not sure how much '' free labor'' they are getting as I am a student again and shoulder to shoulder with an MD. If you can live with the training time/ wages and it is truly what you want, then go for it.
  10. rookiejay

    Compensation starting third year

    I start a derm job this October, I am exp in FP/ UC but this is my 1st derm placement, and he offered me 120k base 20% billing/bonus and then 5% on the skincare products. I can't speak to 3 yrs of experiences. I would say that is too low, are you in a small town? Did you sign a non-compete? Look online at wages for your area and experience. I dont think you are getting what you are worth, Best of Luck,
  11. rookiejay

    Derm PA - Help with renegotiation

    I know this is late, I am just getting into Derm, I would love to hear how things turned out? Thanks J
  12. rookiejay

    New Grad Derm Offer

    my offer was 5k a mo for 3 mo while training 120k yr w/ 20% and then 5% for products 15 vacation days, paid holidays 100% medical coverage No CME FP/UC background almost 10 yrs a PA first Derm job - Thanks Jr
  13. Hi I just got a Derm offer w/ a great Doc. 18 clinics, 3 mo of training This is my Offer 5k a mo while training the 3 mo 120k a year 20% services 5% any sales of products 100% Health Care covered 15 days vacation NO CME This MD has been on TV, has his own book on skin Cancer. I have been in medicine > 20 yrs, and the last 10 as a PA in FP/UC , this is my first Derm job. Any Advice is appreciated Thank you JR
  14. went to Dublin after I interviewed for the spot on Skype. They have classes for PA but no licenses the gov has not approved the law. I just got back from Ireland on July 12th 2017 ... ive been told months to years
  15. rookiejay

    Arrests, Convictions and Citations...

    my friend who is a PA is in jail right now calling me asking me to find out how this will affect her license. She was in a fight with her domestic partner and hit her- they both hit each other. I have been looking online. I know that she will have to answer for herself but I cant tell if that is jumping through hoops and doing the work, or if it is she cant practice again. She is in Montana. Thanks

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