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  1. Had license in 2009, took forever. Moved and let it expire, Then Covid and I tried to get the license again ( in JUNE 2020) and they wanted EVERYTHING just like I had never held a license. They messed up my paperwork at least a dozen times, they lost my paperwork. Its now January 4th, I went from Pre-License, to license on Nov 9 2020, its 15 business days. You can see the time below. I have only worked 3 weeks in 2020 since lockdown. A temp job Covid testing kids. The job ended on the 18th but they messed up the payday and paid us the 30th. Unemployment thought I got paid for work when I sai
  2. I got married and lived in Dublin Ireland for almost 2 years and It did not stop me from finding work.
  3. I joined PAVMT and all they have are old job postings ( some not even telemedicine) then you go into a webinar with hope that this could be it your going to find the answer. its like a damn infomercial when your done who ever is talking wants money - THOUSANDS to start up in their group. I kept asking what is the cost, what is the cost, and some jerk answers -' That depends on if you want a BMW or a Mercedes" ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!! Im disabled and need to work from home and on unemployment. I got so mad, I responded " I cant afford a bus pass, so I dont think this is for me''
  4. I have been looking for almost 3 years. I have not had a job since Feb - and I have been aggressively looking every day. ANRP are taking over and the odds of us being about to practice without an AP is diminishing after the AMA campaigned against ' stop scope creep' I have been in medicine 26 years, I dont need the SP. I dont. Most of my jobs I never see or speak to the SP they are in another state.
  5. Not here I have been doing this 26 yrs medicine almost 13 yrs as a PA , I am ready - set me free
  6. I will I promise. I sent your post to PAVMT https://www.pavmt.org/home I just joined. Dont give up! I cant work with the public due to my preexisting health problems. I really need and want a telemedicine job.
  7. I wish we had Telemed as a specialty topic I have been looking for work in Temed for years. The AAPA is now pushing to get us into the role and a new website "TelehealthMany PAs have asked about opportunities in virtual medicine and telehealth. The Medicare program reimburses PAs for providing all covered telehealth services in the same manner as physicians. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services temporarily expanded telehealth and telemedicine services to enable beneficiaries to receive a wider range of healthcare services without havi
  8. I am on Unemployment in WA state. I filed 3 weeks ago, and am in the system. The max you can make in WA is 790 per month ( I had been about to get 5 mo, but it became 12) Then I also get another 600 per week for Covid19 Aid in WA state. So I will have about 1390 per week 5560 per month. I am lucky I can live on 3k per month. I dont have kids, but its been 3 weeks and still no pay has been sent. They gave me a debit card. They said they had to contact my last employer, and so I did also. They are not fighting the unemployment, but I think so many have applied that its taking fo
  9. NO BODY WANTS US!!!! I have been out of work starting 2.20.2020 I have over 25 years experience. I am in the Seattle area. I cant find any kind of work right now, they all want MD/NP - hell they will even take students over us. Bring back an 80 yo MD, but for the love of GOD dont even mention PA as a part of the medical workforce. I am so angry - I started as FD Medic its in my nature to help in some way, Applied for Rapid Response Team (S) > 10 ( no answer on Any ) Applied for TeleMedicine (MD/NP Only) I made my own PPE, I printed my DNR out, Im READY to work. ..... Cri
  10. https://wapa.memberclicks.net/assets/documents/032720 Gov proclamation DA 20-32 - COVID-19 DOH Healthcare Worker Licensing (tmp) (003).pdf
  11. We need someone to approach the government NOW with this Virus so we can help. Restrictions need to be lifted.
  12. with the virus they need to lift the restrictions
  13. update , i got out it cost a lot of time and money to get my life back in order. he is busted by the state they are likely taking his license , he is selling his clinics and assets
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