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  1. I'm at 50% of my base for 2 to 3 mo to train in LA with some outstanding MD's. I am overjoyed to do so. I think it also depends on where you are in life. I've done FP/UC for 9 years, and I am ready to move on. Not thrilled with the low pay, but the training I am getting would have cost me more than what I am losing. Then I transition to my own clinic and leave LA for another town to work. For some people, this might have been a deal breaker. I compared my contract to some of the job offer posts, and it was better than most. I've only 3 more weeks in FP. I'm not sure how much '' free labor'' they are getting as I am a student again and shoulder to shoulder with an MD. If you can live with the training time/ wages and it is truly what you want, then go for it.
  2. I start a derm job this October, I am exp in FP/ UC but this is my 1st derm placement, and he offered me 120k base 20% billing/bonus and then 5% on the skincare products. I can't speak to 3 yrs of experiences. I would say that is too low, are you in a small town? Did you sign a non-compete? Look online at wages for your area and experience. I dont think you are getting what you are worth, Best of Luck,
  3. I know this is late, I am just getting into Derm, I would love to hear how things turned out? Thanks J
  4. my offer was 5k a mo for 3 mo while training 120k yr w/ 20% and then 5% for products 15 vacation days, paid holidays 100% medical coverage No CME FP/UC background almost 10 yrs a PA first Derm job - Thanks Jr
  5. Hi I just got a Derm offer w/ a great Doc. 18 clinics, 3 mo of training This is my Offer 5k a mo while training the 3 mo 120k a year 20% services 5% any sales of products 100% Health Care covered 15 days vacation NO CME This MD has been on TV, has his own book on skin Cancer. I have been in medicine > 20 yrs, and the last 10 as a PA in FP/UC , this is my first Derm job. Any Advice is appreciated Thank you JR
  6. went to Dublin after I interviewed for the spot on Skype. They have classes for PA but no licenses the gov has not approved the law. I just got back from Ireland on July 12th 2017 ... ive been told months to years
  7. my friend who is a PA is in jail right now calling me asking me to find out how this will affect her license. She was in a fight with her domestic partner and hit her- they both hit each other. I have been looking online. I know that she will have to answer for herself but I cant tell if that is jumping through hoops and doing the work, or if it is she cant practice again. She is in Montana. Thanks
  8. I hired a woman and to be honest nearly crapped myself when she said that. I paid off 27k in student loans that year. So I lived quite cheaply. ( I can't claim married my husband is not American, he is Irish - no TIN no SSN - no deductions) When I spoke to other locums NONE of them have said they pay these taxes that the employer would have paid. Im sure something is wrong. I am going to be making some phone calls tomorrow. Thanks all
  9. Hello I am working as a locum, and the amount of taxes I am paying is crippling. 49k in 2015 on 108k gross. What can I do to reduce this? I still owe 15k from last year and have not even started paying this year yet. I am married but I can't file that way, I have no kids and my home is in Ireland. I am not living expensive, I don't even have my own shower. I live in a campground to pay the student loans and taxes back as fast as I can. ANY advice would help Thank you
  10. I hope you didnt do it, that pay deal was horrible
  11. They give you a print out when you leave when to expect, then when you sign on to NCCPA and look for your results it shows the date to expect. I got mine about 4 days before the stated date. passed ! :D
  12. Results today PASSED :D
  13. I have a house and husband in Dublin, sign me up
  14. I would look at tattoo artists, they do 3D tattoos, I am unsure if they offer a course to us, but I think its a great idea. I am here trying to find where to get a class on Botox injections in WA state. Good luck to you.
  15. we need a sub topic for Ireland - a program just started in Dublin, and they have PA in North IE also.