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  1. artip1005

    2016-2017 application Cycle

    I am also waitlisted. I have accepted admission at another program but still hoping to hear something from Chatham in the next month! I haven't heard anything from Chatham since the email they sent stating i was on the alternate list back in October.
  2. artip1005

    2016-2017 application Cycle

    Still waiting! . Congratulations to everyone!!!!
  3. artip1005

    2016-2017 application Cycle

    Yeah they said we will definitely know by Halloween. But was hoping it would be earlier!! Not liking this waiting game!
  4. I have declined my acceptance offer... hope that opens a seat to someone!! All the best everyone!!
  5. artip1005

    2016-2017 application Cycle

    Nope :/ Hoping we would this week!
  6. artip1005

    2016-2017 application Cycle

    I haven't heard back yet. Im assuming we may beginning of next week!
  7. I am in the interview process right now too... and what i have learned is that they want you to be just you, calm and relaxed. Be yourself and answer the questions to your best ability. I found practicing the questions with different people helps because you are not as nervous. Think of ways you can shine by using your experiences in your answers. Don't try too hard because it can show. Become familiar with questions they may ask and what you would say. I wrote down the common questions and my responses to them and that helped me. During the actual interviews, I found myself saying something things differently but would recall what I had written down. I would say be calm and relaxed and show them your qualities and personality! All the best ! Don't give up!!
  8. Accepted!!... didn't get a phone call but got an e-mail yesterday!
  9. artip1005

    2016-2017 application Cycle

    I just got to Pittsburgh!! I am thinking of heading to the campus area around 4ish if you want to meet up then. I will probably be in that area until 6ish
  10. I am still waiting as well from Sept 17 Interview
  11. artip1005

    2016-2017 application Cycle

    Yeah , I saw that yesterday when trying to schedule an appointment. I'll be in Pittsburgh Friday afternoon, so I may check out the campus as well that day! Is the PA Program building on the main campus?
  12. artip1005

    2016-2017 application Cycle

    I will be in the area Friday Afternoon.. was thinking of signing up for their graduate tour if anyone else was interested as well!!
  13. artip1005

    2016-2017 application Cycle

    I was verified end of August
  14. When was your application verified lmas94? If you don't mind me asking

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