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Suggestions on what to do after failing boards

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I have taken the PANCE 5 times and failed each time. I have tried many different things including counseling and tutoring. 

I struggled through PA school and looking back I wish I would have done things differently. Despite that I did very well in rotations and even had multiple job offerings. I think taking the exam through the pandemic was in retrospect not a good idea since I developed test anxiety through PA school. I think I will try and take it one last time once things settle down and am able to be in a better mind frame. 

In the meantime I was wondering if anybody knew what kind of jobs I can do as a PA without the certification? I know that this is probably a long shot but I figured if I worked somewhere it would allow me to regain a better outlook on life. 


Thanks for reading, I appreciate everyone's help. 

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Personally I wouldn't give up and decide that you just can't do it or that you have some permanent mental defect that will forever prevent you from passing any high-stakes exam. If I had to guess, you did OK in didactic but may have let yourself get psyched-out for the PANCE.

I would assess the PANCE areas I did poorly in, take a 4 day board review, calm down, and take it again.

Best wishes!

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Other then the money, there is no loss in taking it your last attempt at passing the PANCE.  If you haven't done one of the 3-5 day board review courses, then do that.  Do one that refunds your money if you don't pass.  

You can look into medical device sales, medical science liason (hard without a doctorate), drug rep

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You could probably get a job as a community college science professor, at least once students start signing up for classes again.  But first try hiring a tutor, doing a crash course, or whatever you need to do to pass on the 6th try.  Also get assessed for possible disabilities and get disability accommodations (like extra time) if appropriate.

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