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covid 19 testers

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I've done some of that lately while covering a UC I used to work at.  They have drive-up testing.  The MA's do the vitals, including O2 sat,  and the testing.  I do a very brief physical exam: listening to heart and lungs.  I also ask about s/s.  I chart what I actually did - nothing else, and it's billed as a level 2, simple visit.  I then call all positive results from prior days, caution them about worsening symptoms, and complete a simple CDC tracking form.  Negatives get a text message.  Since I'm actually seeing the patient, I'm not concerned about legalities.

I'm not a lawyer, but I don't know how this would be any different than for a patient that comes in to the UC for any other kind of testing: drug, TB, etc.

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honestly I don't think so

testing can be done under general supervision, and due to this it is likely okay

I would like to at least see the patient and lay eyes on them, but literally might not touch them  - touch is possible exposure and limiting my own exposure is up to me.  Depends on the CC- just "screening" for covid - heck test them then one the way they go


Making sure that the testing is doing done correctly 

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