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  1. I agree with you, Our Assistant Name must go if we want to maintain a place in the healthcare business. But we are not independent practitioners don't forget that and will never be, we depend on a MD license. The sad thing is that we don't have a strong supporting PA board, they were the ones who were supposed to protect us, to stop producing PA's and NP's like baking breads, but they didn't because they make a lot of money, are lazy and don't have a motivation to help us. The nurses were very smart, but they didn't acted alone the Dr.'s were the ones who actually help them to advance their ca
  2. I thought DNP and NP's make more than PA's.
  3. To " Getmeouttathismess" I am glad your are out and enjoying yourself, do you mind to share how much are you getting in retirement and how long you worked as a PA. My questions is because I have many yrs as a PA +10, I want to continued working but I am concern about the lack of jobs and not sure if I will have work to my retirement age, and wondering how much I will be getting if I have to work in something else. Thank you
  4. I am in the same situation, underpay, overwork and on top of that they are cutting my hrs with the excuse I am not meeting the numbers, still looking on the side with no luck so far, I feel the door is closing for PA's...
  5. Boards will always be there in any shape or form if you want to cont. beeing a PA, used to be every 6 yrs now every 10, as regular PANRE or Pilot it has never be a big deal most people passed it, our real problem is lack of jobs everywhere I hope I was close to retirement. ..
  6. I just started a new job 4mo ago, there are two providers , one location, we don't have many patients, averg 25-30 a day for two providers, I am getting my hrs cut because of this, I have a set schedule, full time. Is this legal in CA? Can they just send you home if there is No patients? I never experience this before I understand from the business stand point, but we also have financial responsibilities, I think I would prefer for them to let me go if they don't need me, so I can claim my unemployment while looking for other jobs. Is any body experience the same situation this days? I nee
  7. Do you have an HR, it seems like harassments to me , maybe you have a case. Tried to gather some evidence and report her. And is true it is her problem, but you are going to work everyday there and you don't have to suck it alone, involve the HR and ask for advice and help, maybe psycholgy ( it is affecting your ability to perform your job, etc) and you have a case.
  8. https://www.collaboratingdocsmasterclass.com/training-fba?fbclid=IwAR3MCfIFnL-LN1CUP3hdtYBjS_-1zyMHbEDVzwPzu5BO-0a6V8-XUg-TBng Check out this link.
  9. I been getting Advertising about PA's been able to start their own business in Telemedicine, is this real of a scam, we are dependent practicioners and a Dr. to be able to see, contact patients, is this opportunity only for NP's, MD, DO ?
  10. I think PA's very doing pretty good before the surge of NP's now there very limited opportunies for PAs compare to NP or MD because of the supply and the fact that PA's are not independent , it real life NP are prefer in the job market.
  11. Find out most of the current jobs now at "At will" which equal No job security but at least is a two way street and you can and should leave, under those conditions your are looking for trouble, and believe me they don't care a bit about your problems or your life, I will bet they will look for other candidates as soon as you give your letter, the longer I am in this profession the less I enjoy it , everyone wants to abuse us or get us out of the game ... is sad.
  12. That is true as long as the pt is healthy very nice but when they need Specialist they are on their own, the Specialist are the ones who demand higher payments per service.
  13. sas5814 please report the case to the health depart. they are attempting with weak elderly patient who could easily be our parents dont let them kill innocent people....Stop killing human beings!!! I really hope they get their own Karma and get bad covid themselves.
  14. This is disgusting, he is still contagious as long as he is Positive, maybe less than if he had severe s/sx but still contagious, I totally disagree w companies that don't request at least a negative test to come back, that is one of the reasons why this virus is exploding and mutating fast.... It is sad the guy should stay at home until his test in negative
  15. But what is need it to do the PA-NP bridge, you need an RN license first, if you have one is ok, but if you don't have one is very time consuming an expensive .........
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