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Prescribing out of state

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Currently working virtually at my organization through patient chat. I can’t get a good handle on the legislation for PAs to prescribe for patients who are currently out of state. The specific scenario is an established patient who wants a medication refilled in another state due to travel/COVID and no refills are left to transfer between pharmacies. I have never personally met the patient before but this is NOT a new prescription/problem, and the Rx is not controlled.

The AAPA states: “PAs are authorized to prescribemedications in all jurisdictions where they are licensed.”

 I’m currently only licensed in one state. Anyone have guidance for this?


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This is only for COVID 19.

I live in the Pacific Northwest and other bordering states have filled my rx's for years and years based on geography. If I called a pharmacy 2000 miles away - they won't do diddly.

This is yet another another afterthought of the geniuses of telemedicine.

Be very careful. A doc in a neighboring state lost her license for prescribing on telemedicine to another state.

Ask your employer - ask several people - write down their names, titles and dates/times - ask Risk Management, ask HR, ask Legal, ask Medical Staff Office - and then call your State Licensing Board and ask them. I bet all the answers are a bit different.

Someday we might have universal licensing.... not today.

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