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Transitioning from Adult Medicine to Pedi Subspecialty - thoughts on this kind of leap??

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I have been a practicing PA for 4 years working in adult acute care medicine (ER, ICU, transplant cardiology). I was recently approached by a recruiter for PA position in pediatric cardiac surgery, which would involve OR and ICU clinical work. Even prior to PA school, I had an affinity for pediatrics and loved my pedi rotation. I had always imagined going into pedi cardiac crit care. My professional life took me towards adult care, and unfortunately has not permitted much in the way of pedi exposure. Has anyone made the jump from adult acute care to pediatric acute care? From chiefly medicine position to surgery? Can you tell me about your experience and any additional insights? It's a helluva jump, I am not naive, but just wanted to see if anyone else has any experience with this. Thanks! 

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Not sure this is helpful but I practiced peds for 11 years.  Large pediatrician practice.  They are entirely different breed than adults.  Then adding surgery into the mix would make it quite the challenge!!  I'm sure it's doable but I would want to shadow for at least a few days to see what it's like.  The one thing I enjoyed most is kids generally get better.  They are resilient not all obviously but most. Best of luck



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