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Got my acceptance email 10/6 after interviewing on 9/29!

Submitted the first week of July!! Waiting now!! 

hey guys - i made a group me for accepted students planning on attending ODU! join if you want! 🙂 https://groupme.com/join_group/63682706/LctaiEqB

I just received an interview invite today for Dec. 10th interview. Not sure I will be interviewing as I just confirmed acceptance to a different program- which is kinda a bummer I wish they contacted me sooner bc I loved this schools mission statement! Hopefully that leaves the spot for someone else to interview though 🙂  

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12 hours ago, mai923 said:

Hey everyone. I have not yet heard back from this program and applied early July. Does anyone know if they are still giving out interviews or are most spots filled for interview dates?? 

hey as I just posted I just received an interview invite for dec 10th  but will probably not be interviewing. From what I can gather (bc I was wondering the same thing) I don't think they have a set amount of interview days and seems like they are still accepting students so good luck moving forward!!!

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Has this happened to anyone else -- I tried to send them an update on my application on 10/31 and they never acknowledge that they received it. I sent updates to a couple schools and all of them replied either saying it's on my file or they don't accept updates, but I've heard nothing from them. I'm starting to panic and wonder if they ever even received my application now?? 

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