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  1. I was accepted this morning, but will be declining my seat! Hopefully one of you guys on the waitlist gets it!
  2. I was accepted this morning to the Glenside campus from my interview the last week of November!
  3. They mentioned at my interview day that their deposit is completely refundable up until January something, so I'm guessing there might not be a ton of movement until then seeing as though people will be holding onto their seats and making a decision closer to that deadline. Don't give up yet!
  4. I received an acceptance this morning and just paid my deposit! So excited and can't wait to meet everyone!
  5. I decided today to give up my seat here as I have accepted an offer at another program. I really hope it goes to one of you guys on the waitlist!
  6. I got an interview invite today! I’m shocked because it’s later in the cycle right now, but super excited!
  7. I received an acceptance this morning, but I will be giving up my seat as I have decided to attend another program. Hopefully it goes to one of you guys!!
  8. I received an interview invite just now! Sent my supplemental at the beginning of October
  9. Got my acceptance email today!!! So excited!
  10. Thank you! I submitted July 1st and I think I received a confirmation pretty soon after! They said their first round of interviews was last week and that we’ll hear within 3 weeks of the interview, but I haven’t heard anything yet. Hope this helps!!
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