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  1. Just received an email stating that North Central did not receive provisional accreditation to matriculate the first cohort this August.
  2. Just received a rejection this morning (2/18/21) via email at 8:35 AM. Did not interview. Application received email on 6/24/20. Good luck to everyone starting at this program~!
  3. Received a rejection on Fri, Feb 12, at 8:50 AM via email. Good luck to everyone starting here! Application confirmation email received 6/16/20.
  4. No worries, I was accepted to my top choice early in the cycle! I was not offered an interview at Dayton tho, hope this helps!
  5. Just got a rejection email this morning too, good luck to everyone else starting with this program!!
  6. I just received an interview invite but I will be letting another person have it as I was accepted to another program! Good luck to everyone applying to this program
  7. Just got my acceptance call! It was at 9:46 Interviewed yesterday!
  8. Just got called for my acceptance to the program!
  9. I received an interview invitation yesterday as well! The only available date was october 12th.
  10. I received an invitation to interview this morning for September 15th!
  11. Do you have the address for the hotel you stayed at? They have not sent any more information about the interview or even where it will be at! Any more information would be appreciated!
  12. I got an email on July 22nd asking me to RSVP for the interview!
  13. Where on your portal was the interview offer posted?
  14. I have my interview set for November 9th! I'm so excited, any tips for the interview? For those who came from out of town, where did you stay overnight (if you did).
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