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  1. If someone who has been recently accepted hasn’t seen, here’s the groupme link for the newest class! You're invited to my new group 'ODU PA Class of 23' on GroupMe. Click here to join: https://groupme.com/join_group/63682706/LctaiEqB
  2. Got my acceptance email from my interview on 10/6!!
  3. Yes! They're not like anything spectacular, but here they are! 1100 hours PCE sGPA 3.82 CGPA 3.89 ~250 hours volunteering 60 hours shadowing
  4. Hi. It was really casual, we started out by being able to ask current students questions, and then they would either have you individually interview or interview with another person and attack different scenarios. You had 2 individual and 1 MMI with another person. The faculty was so nice and made you feel really comfortable. I got the acceptance call on Saturday the 26th!
  5. Yes, my friend who is at pace now said it is SUPER short compared to other schools
  6. Did you respond to the email? It seemed like an automated email so I wasn't sure who to address.
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