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Happy Corpsman Day!

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1 hour ago, EmrysRamsey said:

Members of the Navy Hospital Corps have earned 22 Medals of Honor, 179 Navy Crosses, 959 Silver Stars and more than 1,600 Bronze Stars. 20 ships have been named in honor of Navy Hospital Corps personnel.

Congrats !


That is pretty impressive.  I am partial to Army medics, but I guess the navy medics (corpsman) can have their day.  😉

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I was always impressed with the Navy Corpsmen/women I've worked with over the years...I've had a few as opposite numbers on deployments in exotic places like 29 Palms, Pendleton, Haiti and in my home port while in the Canadian military, with some limited exposure to US Army medics and Air Force Med Techs.  Weird how many thought there'd be a language barrier...



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22 hours ago, ohiovolffemtp said:

There's a quote attributed to George Benard Shaw:  The English and Americans are two peoples divided by a common language.

There are some that think we're largely French first...funny story from when I was in Haiti.  I was hitting up (well, also hitting on) my medical supply opposite number with the USN Role 1/2 facility set in Port au Prince.  Our own national rotary wing support was a largely Francophone squadron...so some folks were getting a bit confused.  She literally looked at me one day and said "Y'all speak really good English."  I stopped and looked at her and said "I hope so, it's my first language"...then promptly went nattering off in French to my mate from the helo sqn, leaving her totally confused.  Another time, I was at a mixed dining in at Ft Drum one summer and a Staff Sgt and I were chatting and he says to me "It's funny how much y'all make fun of how little we know about you...when I first got here, I was told I needed an insurance rider for my car WRITTEN IN CANADIAN in case I wanted to go on leave over the border"...I almost sprayed a mouthful of beer on him and asked "What phuquing language am I speaking to you in?"  He goes "I can see you don't believe me - let me ask this Captain here"...and she basically repeated the same thing.  "Dude - what language am I speaking?  English, just like you...just with a weird to you accent."  Had to explain about the Quebec police, who, while they pretend not to understand you, will when you all of a sudden call them whatever cop derision you wish 🙃.



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