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College Varsity Athletics- CASPA Experience Entry- Help!

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Hi!  I'm curious what other people have done in the past/suggest for adding collegiate athletics to CASPA?  It was a huge part of my 4 years in college, and I was also a captain so I wanted to include the leadership aspect to my application but I'm not sure how to enter accurately.   

If I add being a captain under leadership experience, it requires me to select "Volunteer, Academic, or Paid".  I currently have my sport entered under "Memberships" but I'm open to changing it to something different.

Any suggestions/insight you could offer would be great!  Thank you in advanced!  

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I was a scholarship athlete so I put it as extra-curricular and labeled it as "compensated" because I wasn't quite sure how to label it. I listed the athletic scholarship under Achievements/scholarships. I would split between extra curricular and leadership since you were a captain. So if you were a captain for one year, put the the first 3 years as extra-curricular and the final year as leadership. If you weren't on scholarship I would put "volunteer" too I think. Realistically, adcoms will recognize that not every thing we do fits perfectly into the labels given by CASPA so focus on the description! 

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