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  1. Take what I say with a grain of salt (as everyone should with all contributors on this forum) but I work with a significant amount of RN’s in a Magnet Level 1 Trauma Center who have their NP degree yet are forced to continue to practice as RN’s as they have struggled to find jobs. Many of the nurses I work with say they want to get out of bedside nursing but are scared to work as an NP because the market is overall saturated given how many NP’s graduate each year and can technically practice. Not that it really matters what I think but I would encourage you to keep applying and no
  2. I emailed Erin a couple weeks ago and she confirmed it started May 17th as well!
  3. It took a little over 2 weeks if I remember correctly. I remember feeling anxious and worrying that I wouldn’t hear back because it did take a minute!
  4. I believe there are interviews this week too (based on what has been posted on the forum). I think their deadline is December 1st too so I don’t think it’s too weird, maybe they will continue to do interviews through early 2021 as well?
  5. Do you know how long the writing sample is supposed to be? I haven't been able to find anything that gives a suggestion as to how long/short we should make it?
  6. Hoping for good news regarding the accreditation meeting that was supposed to have happened last weekend! Anyone have any insights as to when they think they will announce it?
  7. Does anyone know what benefit there was to submitting by the priority deadline? Fortunately I had everything in by June 1st but never really understood what they meant by ‘priority’. Will we hear back sooner regarding if they want to interview or not?
  8. Hi! I'm curious what other people have done in the past/suggest for adding collegiate athletics to CASPA? It was a huge part of my 4 years in college, and I was also a captain so I wanted to include the leadership aspect to my application but I'm not sure how to enter accurately. If I add being a captain under leadership experience, it requires me to select "Volunteer, Academic, or Paid". I currently have my sport entered under "Memberships" but I'm open to changing it to something different. Any suggestions/insight you could offer would be great! Thank you in advanced!
  9. I've also been wondering the same thing- I'd like to keep my schedule as open as possible and take classes like psych and stats online so that I'm able to work as much as possible. I know to take all lab courses in person but does anyone feel like taking some pre-recs online was something that was looked down upon during the application process?
  10. I'll spare the forum my life story and cut right to the chase: Which patient care experience would allow an applicant to be more competitive: EMT-B or CNA/STNA? Or, does it not make a significant difference either way? I'm currently in the process of deciding which direction to go and am looking for some advice! CNA/STNA classes seem to be more affordable and easier to obtain, but most of the available positions are in LTAC facilities. Obtaining an EMT-B certification is more expensive, but it could lead toward higher acuity experience in a hospital setting. I'm having an open mind to
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