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  1. I never saw it in CASPA but I got an email from GW saying that my scores were received. I can also see that my GRE was received in the supplement application server.
  2. Was this saying they received your CASPA? I only received one saying they received my payment and GRE but not yet for CASPA (verified 5/13).
  3. Two of my rec writers actually moved to new organizations since I shadowed/work with them and therefore their organization on the LOR and the organization in my experience section do not align. At first I was concerned, but realized in the letter they likely addressed where we worked together. I don't think this will reflect poorly in either situation because if they needed to cross reference they would just see the name change of the clinic.
  4. I was a scholarship athlete so I put it as extra-curricular and labeled it as "compensated" because I wasn't quite sure how to label it. I listed the athletic scholarship under Achievements/scholarships. I would split between extra curricular and leadership since you were a captain. So if you were a captain for one year, put the the first 3 years as extra-curricular and the final year as leadership. If you weren't on scholarship I would put "volunteer" too I think. Realistically, adcoms will recognize that not every thing we do fits perfectly into the labels given by CASPA so focus on the description!
  5. I talked about my understanding how it affected everyone differently, how my immunocompromised patients were scared, and the adjustment period. While it didn't significantly impact my application, it did change my outlook and ability to adapt to change. Even if you did well in your classes online you can talk about how you learned to adjust to a new style of learning and overcame the stress of change. It may have also changed your perspective or outlook on the world and different industries.
  6. I am applying to Center City campus and was wondering if anyone knew if there was TJU app fee aside from the caspa fee? Just wanted to make sure I am not missing anything!
  7. I saw this as well, I am assuming that they will just gather it from our verified transcripts in CASPA. I have not submitted yet--hopefully at the end of this week once my GRE received from Cornell.
  8. I didn't have this issue but would it be helpful to maybe make a new CU application account with a new email? I know it may not be ideal but maybe it would give it a clean slate to avoid the error message? Just a thought!
  9. Makes sense, I would expect so too! I submitted/verified everything for 5/13 and some schools confirmed right away and others will probably take a little longer with the remote work.
  10. Has anyone received confirmation from RFU that they received your CASPA and with instructions to pay the fee?
  11. Once you verify one app the rest will be verified -- you won't be able to change anything, only add experiences/achievements. I also applied to NU, received their confirmation, and hoping for the best!
  12. My CASPA was also verified 5/13 and I got an email from RUSH on 5/13 saying application was under review (4-8 weeks)
  13. yes, it is down for me too
  14. Is contact name/email/address suffice for contact information in this section? A few places where I worked the number goes to a call center rather than the clinic itself.
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